Tiffany Pollard Fuels Pregnany Rumors

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Is Tiffany Pollard pregnant?

The I Love New York star didn't exactly quiet these rumors recently when she participated in an online chat with fans.

Replying to a question about any possible buns in the oven, Pollard said:

"There's something that's going on with me right now and...uh, I'm almost ready for mommyhood. I'm really nervous and I can't believe I just said that, but there's something starting to tick in me.

And you know, I'm only 25, I'll be 26 in January, and I'm almost to that point where I can almost see myself being a mommy, like, real soon! So I think that's next."

An Expecting Mother?

Great news, Britney Spears: If Tiffany Pollard is pregnant, there's a decent chance you'll no longer be with the worst celebrity mother. 

Sounds to us like Pollard is preparing the public for an admission of pregnancy, doesn't it? And making it sound like she's almost been planning it the entire time?

What do you think?

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I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE new york shawtyyyy


I LOVE New York, I think she's awesome ... AND IF she is pregnant I think she will step to the plate and take care of her baby. Also, if she is she has bigger things to worry about then dumbass people callin her a whore. While the circumstances around her pregnancy may be shady its really no one's business but her own!!


I luv ny! but she does need to watch what she say at times but she still is a sweet person, so all yall bitches hattin on her need to shut the hell up! cuz u no and i no nun of yall would say dis shit to her face! SCARY ASSES!!


I think that Tiffany is dum and her head is full of air she is a black girl with blond hair or her weave to dam tight. who in there right mind would let buddah or Freaking punk go. you know what tiffany if you don't want punk i will take him dam give me his number i will call him tomorrow.........DAM


What is your deal? What makes Tiffany Pollard worst than Paris Hilton who is famous for a sex tape. Excuse me? Who is the whore?


I think she's a BIG WHORE!!! A TV WHORE, A MONEY WHore and a whore all around. At first I liked her in Flava of Love but now she and her mother are just WHORES. So, hopefully the baby if its a girl wouldn't come out as one too. Cos that would make it 3 generations of WHORES. And for goodness sake where is her father he was such a nice man. Oh, and PS it looks like mom and daughter are really father and son


Didn't know men could conceive. The power of technology these days. Either "New York" needs more people [to believe this shit] or her WHORING has finally caught up with her. Because if she is preggers by Buddha, then this means its gonna cost her her relationship with Tailor Made.


if she's pregnant all i have 2 say iz WOW!!!!!!!! and by ?????????? Fuzz I heard itz Buddah's big manly azz!!!!!!


Oh, come on!! She cannot be pregnant! What a poor baby that would be...maybe K-fed can take care of that baby too!


I don't think she's pregnant....She's playing a head game. She is saying that she's getting ready for mommyhood, not that she's pregnant!!! I've been getting ready for mommyhood since I was 5!!!