Are Alex-Izzie, George-Callie Reunions in Store?

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Drs. Karev and Stevens heated up Grey's Anatomy in Season 2, but as we know, it didn't work out. Since then, they've become good friends... but is that it?

At the SAG Awards Monday night, Justin Chambers (Alex) weighed in on a possible Alex-Izzie reunion on Grey's Anatomy, while his Grey's co-star, Sara Ramirez (Callie) hints that there still may be hope for Callie and George.

One of Many Spats
Married Couple

Would you like to see either or both of these couples back together?

Check out TV Guide reporter Michael Ausiello's SAG video to learn more and to watch his interviews with our favorite stars and others in the TV world.

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yes, on the surface alex and izzie seemed like just sex but he was so tender with her after denny died & they have incredible chemistry. if they got together i think it would allow him to open up and show his softer side. george and izzie are great as friends, but have no sexual chemistry. as for mer/der, it is so unrealistic that derek would defend meredith to mark, saying she has abandonment issues and then abandon her just when she was starting to make progress and looking like she was going to make a commitment. If she was the 'love of his life' he wouldn't be able to treat her like that, kissing Rose behind her back and asking Rose out just after they broke up.


Alex and Izzie are just cute together!!! But I have to idmite that I loved watching them just flirt in season 2...they were just cute and they had chemistry!!! Izzie and george just make me want to throw up too! I love george, I love Izzie, but not as a couple.As friends yes! And I guess Callie and George are oky but i would like to see george and lexi.


george and izzie make me wanna throw up all over alex and izzie:FOREVER!!!!!!!!
george and izzie:NEVER!!


Okay, it is official i have changed my mind and after reading others comments, have realized that i would never want to c george and callie back together!!! anyway just thought i'd let u know! lol! Greys Rules!! SERIOUSLY!! :)


this is my first post after having read your posts for a couple of months, and I feel urged to have my say now.
I think everybody here is thinking about the characters as if they were real persons with real motivations, thoughts and lives. that's why so many people keep asking themselves questions like: how can derek do this or that to meredith after having declared her the love of his life, how come izzie sees no chemistry between her and george anymore even if she was willing to take any risk just a few episodes earlier, why are so many things happening that haven't been obvious and - to the viewers â€" make no sense at all, because they do not represent normal, predictable and logical behaviour. well, I think the answer is that it's not real people we're seeing. they're created characters in a created show and this show â€" sorry to have to say that â€" seems to be motivated by no other things than greed, overreaching egos and megalomania. the show's creators, producers, writers have seemingly forgotten the reasons for their enormous success â€" comprehensible but yet surprising storylines, gripping plots, credible couple-chemistry. the writer's strike shows that all it's about is money. greed for money, not passion for storytelling. what I see in season 4 is the desperate attempt to save what cannot be saved anymore. instead of inventing new storylines, shonda rhimes is sticking to her "I'm breaking up merder"-route, because that's what always keep people watching, but now she's not realizing that the regular viewers are bored to death by the continuous seesaw.


Hello no, george and Callie and Alex and Izzie are the two worst couples on TV, they go back there and they can kiss my viewership good-bye. George and Izzie all the way!


Hmm no I hate Alex and Izzie, not sure why anyone would want them together. They had a purely sexual relationship with Alex panting after Izzie who pretty much treated him like gum under ehr shows and only sued him when she needed him. They had no chemistry and just animalistic sex with Izzie telling him to shut up and do her. No tenderness there, just sex. George is the one who makes Izzie happy and light up, and he is her true love, so why would someone want a sexual relationship with no love or chemistry IMHO over a pure love and tender love story is beyond me. As for George and Callie, it is the same thing, they ahd good sex and Callie panted after George who never quite loved ehr back. Two one-sided so-called love stories with no chemistry.
And those photos you picked of both couples are terrible.


I think that Izzie and Alex should try things out again. George and Lexie would be a cute couple but they may be better as close friends. I miss story lines with Callie and Christina. I wish that Derek and Meredith would have stayed together...she was almost there until she found out about Rose. I dunno. I agree with everyone saying that McDreamy has been a little less mcdreamy lately.


we will find a way to get it to the writers.


if you want the old grey's anatomy back and merideth and derek to get back the effing together then sign this petition and we'll find a way to get derek and merideth back TOGETHER they NEED there happy ending!!!!!!!!
-------->just a click away from saving MER/DER! and the others which i might love more but i love MER/DER moreeeeeee

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