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Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Eric Dane at SAG Awards

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Grey's Anatomy stars Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Eric Dane were on hand at the Screen Actors Guild awards last night. Here are the three stars ...

  • Ellen Pompeo, SAG Style
  • Sandra Oh SAG Style
  • Eric Dane, SAG Style
  • Ellen, Sandra, Rebecca

Eric Dane, of course, is with his lovely wife, Rebecca Gayheart. What do you think of Ellen and Sandra's choice of outfits? For more photos of these great Grey's Anatomy cast members at the ceremony, just follow this link here.

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What was Sandra Oh thinking! That dress, well there is no word which can adequatelly express how ugly that dress is!
Which sadly can also be said for Sara Ramirez, Chandra Wilson, Rebecca Gayheart, even Brooke Smith choice of dress was questionable!
I mean, they make enough money, so expence obviously isn't the problem, they have people: stylists, make-up artists etc.... so wearing ugly dresses at an avent like the SAG awards shouldn't occur, and yet it's like they all joined the 'today I am going to wear an ugly dress' club! The only stylish one was Ellen Pompeo with her old Hollywood glam style!


I loved Sandra Oh's dress. But I'm not a critic. I loved the colours, I do have to agree that the sheer size of it did overwhelm her. It is also a historical Korean dress. And most of these would be critics only know one traditional way of dressing. Silhouette Glamour. So I think that the whole style just went over their heads. Ellen looked ok...I think though the bustier top of her dress tended to move without her. That's just me. Everyone else looked good too.


ellen looks nice in her dress:-) and the couple are great!


Yeah...there were more ppl there. You can't forget that Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, and Sara Ramierz were there.


Ellen is beautiful. Great hair, great dress. Perfect!


They weren't the only ones there. Sara Ramirez, Brooke Smith, Chandra Wilson, and Justin Chambers were there too. Sara and Chandra looked totally amazing! Brooke looked like she was wearing lingerie. LMAO!!!!! I didn't see Justin, but I found 1 photo total of him on wire image. So that's the only way I knew he really was there. And to be honest, I hate both Ellen Pompeo's & Sandra Oh's dresses. Ellen's is just a tiny bit better, but I swear neither ever dresses good. They really should take tips from Sara Ramirez because she always looks so nice and sexy. :)


Ellen looks amazing!


God, Ellen looks stunning.
Love the hair and her dress.


Ellen looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love sandra oh but i'm sensing that dress finds a spot on multiple worst dress lists. ellen looks lovely and eric looks...well...when does he ever not look good!?