Former America's Next Top Model: Psoriasis Free!

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Before there was Saleisha Stowers, there was CariDee English.

The former winner of America's Next Top Model has taken advantage of her fame to help raise awareness about psoriasis, a skin disease that she's battled and was open about on the show.

Caridee English

Recently, English headed down to Miami to participate in a walk-a-thon about the disease. While there, she talked about her prior experience as a model in the city.

"I used to model in Miami," CariDee said. "I lived here my senior year of high school and worked with Mega Models. They sent me home immediately after they found out I had psoriasis, a hereditary skin disease that I have had for 16 years, that's now under control by medication.

I moved on and eventually ended up being America's Next Top Model, and now I'm the spokeswoman for psoriasis around the world."

As for advice English has for upcoming models?

"Have a strong heart and mind, as this industry will love you and spit you out in a second."

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