Heroes Caption Contest XV 01/05/2008

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Thank you to all readers who submitted entries for this edition of the Heroes Caption Contest.

Without new episodes to watch, it's nice to know we can still enjoy a bit of the Heroes stars in this feature, isn't it? Read this week's winning caption - submitted by "Persianpython" - below the photo now. Then, scroll down to read all the entries.

Please come back and play every week!


Matt: I can read the Violin's mind!!!! It trying to tell me something!!!
Cello: You idiot put me down I'm not a Violin!!!!!

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Bob:"There is nothing valuable here to take, let's try the next


Guy wearing Black shirt at the back: I didn't see anything ...


"Look - I'm Yo Yo Ma"


"The new tasty..wait..this isnt a pizza!"


Uh oh! The number of veiwers are sinking! There is only one thing that's appropriate thing to do. Play the violin!


Three words: Band From TV


Another reason to end the strike: Grunny playing the cello
like a violin... Lets put this man back to work please!


Matt: Touch my violin again and I'll whack you with this
stick thingy!


Matt: I think this violin is thinking something. Violin (thoughts): Some idiot is holding me. For God's
sake me down


Matt: Oh God!!!! I forgot the neck shaving cream!!


Heroes Quotes

[ending voiceover] For all his bluster, it is the sad province of Man that he cannot choose his triumph. He can only choose how he will stand when the call of destiny comes. Hoping that he'll have the courage to answer.


Sylar: I wasn't begging for my life.
Sylar: [a suddenly terrified Mohinder steps back] I was offering you yours.

Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys