Heroes Caption Contest XVII 01/19/2008

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Thank you to all fans who submitted an entry to this edition of the Heroes Caption Contest (the only one on the Web!).

The photo below was a challenge but many readers were up for it. None more so than "Giri," who submitted this week's funniest caption. It's hard to blame the Haitian for feeling like a third wheel, isn't it?

Scroll down to read all the entries - and remember to play every week! Thank you!


Haitian: "How I hate the third wheel!"

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Haitian: "How I hate the third wheel"


Peter: "Ha! Didn't see this one coming, ey? Mutus Maximus and Bigus Titus will be no more!"
Haitian: "I shall have my revenge, in this scene or the next." (thoughts) Concentrate... feel the gas flow from within...


Haitian: "Can i get a Ooo, Ooo, chicks gettin' wit it. Heroes in da house, ma gal Elle, she can spin it."
Elle: "You... need to work on your charisma."
Peter: "Aw, yeah. No... wait! Are these Rap hands? Damn it Claire, you said i'd be cool..."


Peter: "Ahhh... Silent, but oh so deadly... i am like ghost."


Peter: "I now pronounce you Grooovy freaks Haitian and Hoe!"
Haitian(thoughts) I wanna refuse... but... damn my highpitched voice! im not a chinese dub-over...




Peter: "SPRING BREAK 2008" "Elle ready for the Wet T-Shirt Contest" Elle: Huh? Haitian: "Oh Yehh"


Listen, I know he's cute but you have got to erase is memory!


Elle: The 70's Child wished he was born in the 60's .
Peter: Groovy Baby!!
Haitian: Can I get an AMEN? !


The Haitian:
Previously on Heroes : Peter goes back to the 60's


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Ando: And why is everyone always chasing us?
Hiro: Because I'm special.
Ando: Well, I'm not special
Ando: And I'm tired of getting chased.

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