Heroes Caption Contest XVIII 01/26/2008

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As always, we appreciate everyone who responded to this week's Heroes Caption Contest. Many readers took the opportunity to comment on the odd relationship between HRG and Claire in the photo below.

But the winning entry belongs to "Mr Sucks A Lot," who didn't suck at all with the caption we posted immediately below the picture.

Check it out now and scroll down to read the rest. Thanks for playing and come back next week!


HRG: Claire what did i say about stealing Lyle's PlayGirl stash???

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Claire: Look dad I finished the crossword! HRG: Wow i underestimated you! How do you know "the Italian
translation for 20 miles" *I apologize to the guy above me i had this in my head and
waited too long, din mean to use your crossword thing*


Clair: Dad, having a problem with 3 Down.
HRG: Oh? What's the clue?
Clair: CHiPs costar "Estrada". What's CHiPs?
HRG: Answer is Erik. CHiPs was a Cop show from the 70s, before you were born.
Clair: Was the show good?
HRG: No, totally gay.


HRG: Why have you made up a fake Boyfreind with the name of Milo Ventimiglia?
Claire: I Dont Know. Im Just bored.
HRG: oh. Ok then. See ya honey
Claire: Milo is so sexyyyyy.


Noah: (thinking) nice cleavage...


HRG: Claire what are you doing?
Claire: I'm reading the newspaper daddy.
HRG: Why are you holding it upside down?
Claire: Err..
HRG: I think it's time for glasses. Do you want mine?


HRG: "Why is there a picture of Peter Petrelli underneath your
homework?" Claire: "He saved my life dad!" HRG: "Why is he not wearing a shirt?"




But, Heroes is always on Monday nights at 9/8 central on NBC?
Do you have a plan dad?
Yes Claire Bear, I'm going to kill Howie Mandel!


HRG: umm, its not what you think. They're you're "baby pictures"


HRG: Wow, Claire, you're right. You DID look fat in that dress.


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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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