Kristy Joe Muller: Rock of Love 2 Contestant Has Playboy Past

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Kristy Joe Muller hopes to win over Bret Michaels on Rock of Love 2.

But she's already won over the hearts of men who subscribe to Playboy. As the reality show contestant explains in her MySpace profile, however, there's no shame in posing for that men's magazine (beware: awful grammar ahead!)

Alot of People, i.e. Friends, Family see- Playboy as Porn! So, let Me just say this about that--- It is not Porn, if the Human body being photographed is porn, then we are all do Porn, Yep, every time we take a shower!" (Actually, I happen to not be photographed every time I take a shower, but maybe my shower is broken.)

The Rock of Love 2 gal continued:

"I feel Playboy is a very Classy Magazine, I would never do something that would go against My morals! Yes, believe it or not I have morals, Shocker! I am only young once and while I have one ass, instead of two...

I am going to model the way I see fit. And if You have a problem with it or dislike what I do, then don't associate with Me, it's really that simple… I am not trying to come across as rude---- I am just very tired of People that feel the need to Judge. "

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Kristy Joe was the only girl for Bret on this show! He lost the one girl that was worth having. She is beautiful, smart, and real! For anyone who wants to talk bad about her, you're probably fake just like the other girls, and the only reason you talk bad about Kristy Joe is for the one fact that the other JEALOUS girls needed someone to focus their pathetic excuses on and you are also taking on that role.
Bret was upset for losing her because he lost a woman that was worth spending the rest of his life with. Kristy Joe is far better in every way than bulldog face Daisy, stipper pole Destiny, or conceited ugly ass Meagan! The only two girls other than Kristy Joe that MIGHT deserve Bret are Amber and Jessica.
P.S. Kristy Joe cried, because girls cry.... she didn't lie about anything, she wasjust smart enough not to spill out all of her personal life on camera.... she was doing the SAME exact thing that Bret was doing!
For the comment above this... about the brains falling out when a man unzips his pants... Brets pants must have really poured out his brains when he decided to keep BULLDOG ass whore Daisy in the house!


How can someone say she is incredible when you do not even know her.Everyone knows she was manipulative on Rock of Love 2 , a cry baby and a liar. But as they say a man unzips his pants and his bains fall out, so pathetic so very pathetic, Rock of love 2 was a stepping stone for her!!!!!!!! And for all you guys out there that are wishing! If wishes were horses beggers would ride .LOL


That is not her, her photo shoot was on a volleyball net or something


this pic looks nothing like kristy it just me??? her face is different..somethin about her lips or nose or something...


men are shallow. bet you guys don't have girlfriends do ya?


If Bret turns her down, Ill be right in line!!! What and incredible woman!!!