Showmance Between Piers Morgan, Omarosa Debated on The Apprentice

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This is disgusting, no matter whose side you're on.

Piers Morgan has told The New York Post that fellow Celebrity Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth proposed a "showmance" with the America's Got Talent judge before the latest season of Donald Trump's reality show began.

"Quite early on, before the first challenge, Omarosa sidled up to me and said, in all seriousness, 'Do you want to have a showmance?'" Morgan said. "And I said, 'What is a showmance?' And she said, 'You know, a romance on the show. And then we can make lots of money out of it.'

And I just looked at her and I thought, 'What a pathetic creature.' And I said to her, 'You really are a deluded woman.'"

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Of course, Omarosa has a different take on Morgan's story.

"The conversation did not go that way," she retorted, instead claiming he tried to take advantage of her status as a former The Apprentice first-season candidate and reality show retread.

"Piers started, early on, trying to jockey for position and trying to figure out how he could extend himself on the show," she said. "He started picking my brain about past seasons of The Apprentice and he asked me about [first-season contestants Amy Henry and Nick Warnock], about their relationship, and didn't I think that if they had stayed together, they could've done great things?"

"He said, 'I would do damn near anything to go to the end of this show.' And he said, 'Think about it: The two of us together would make a fierce team.' And I was looking at him, and his disgusting rotten yellow teeth, and I just couldn't believe it. I was completely disgusted by the idea."

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Vinny accused Piers of being racist, but every time he insulted Piers he would say British first, anyone who didn't like Piers on that show told lies about him.


Omarosa, Omarosa. You are truely pathetic. Do you really expect us to believe that someone like Piers would be so nosy that he even bothered to ask about Amy and Nick during the first season? At first, when Piers said Omarosa suggested a showmance, I did not really believed it, but now actually you have confirmed it for us. No offence, but Omarosa you were terrible during the first season. Pier has the wit, the business brain to play Celebrity Apprentice (although he was pretty stupid sending Vinny over to the girl's team). Omarosa, I would have cheered for you at least a bit when Piers called you that you are not a celebrity (who cares?), but you were stupid enough to attack his family, thinking you are brilliant and claiming that Piers "met his match". Well, it actually completely ruined you, effectively destroying your pitiful reputation. Congratulations, Piers for destroying Omarosa! In a way, it was not really fair as Piers had powerful contacts, but Omarosa you deserved it. Go Piers!


OMAROSA is a trailer trash fugly biatch


Yeah Omarosa is full of s@#$. Nobody would consider showing up with this evil. I cannot stand watching Apprentice anymore. This insults toward Pierce was too much. She is insulting his teeth? And kids? And parenthood? She needs to look herself a bit and that is hard. She is ugly and disguising bully. With a quazicelebrity career she built upon nobody in the world wants to touch that s#$%. However it is only partially Omarosa - but I was shocked by the indolence of the Americans and not stepping in. Again, it is hard to do what is right. Nice profiling of the rotting culture. Pierce is the only true one. I dont' think that Americans get it that he is humorous. They call him mean. Goes to show that people should watch more of British comedies if they cannot live in Britain.