Spoiler: Gossip Girl Identity Revealed!?

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Gossip Girl's possible real-life couple, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, were spotted smooching while shopping on 5th Ave. Saturday.

That's according to the New York Daily News, which also reports that before the writers strike shut down production, things had gotten quite clique-y on the set of the sexy freshman CW hit.

Also, if you don't want to know the identity (at least according to the Daily News) of the title character — an unseen narrator voiced by Kristen Bell — the mother of all Gossip Girl spoilers (which we don't believe) lies ahead.

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively

"Leighton Meester and Blake Lively avoid each other like the plague while castmates choose sides," says a snitch on the set.

NOTE: Blake Lively denies this in the new Teen Vogue.

"Chace Crawford tends to stick close to Leighton, while Penn Badgley hangs on and offscreen with Blake," the spy said. "The crew will snag Blake for a scene just moments before it is shot so they can avoid any awkwardness with Leighton."

If that's true, it's so high school!

And as for the Gossip Girl spoiler about the title character's identity?

"Since the writers' strike, the team hasn't decided how or when to reveal who Gossip Girl is, but it is Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo)."

So Gossip Girl is really Gossip Guy? Come on.

What do you think?

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Weellll, I think it should be Georgina :P She's such a bitch ahahah. Or I think Kristen Bell should go on, because i liker her :D Oh, and my favourite characters are Blair, Nate and Chuck. I don't know why I like Blair, she's a bitch, but oh well. And Nate and Chuck are hot :D Oh, Dan is too. Hahahaha just thought I'd say :P


WHO CARES!? as long as i get to watch chuck bass i couldnt care less who GG is. but if i had to choose someone it would be georgina! the little rat is always in on everything &i hate her hahahaha. oh and also i hate blair (only cause shes with chuck) so i wouldnt be supriseed if its that cow, anywaaays loveyou gossipgirl fanssss. xoxo


it cannot be jenny ... chuck say it start at 9th grade .. Jenny is not even in school .. ? she is the youngest .. i think is georgina ..
she did not like serena at all ..


i thought it was derota


ok Cecily NEVER revealed who Gossip Girl is supposed to be and i think it should stay that way. its fun it being a mystery. Cecily said she wont reveal as long as gossip girl is going. as for the show since it dosent follow the books, may reveal it. dont forget the finale of season 2. we established that 'she' is DEFF. a senior cause she says shes going to college. it prolly wont be a random character like penolope because shes not even in books so it woudnt really make sence.


I don't think they should have chose eric as gossip girl I think they should've chosen someone else......someone else who isn't in the show that much and isn't really that involved in serena and her families lives like nelly or isabella


Yeah, but... isn't Eric gay? So he can be a "gossip girl", can't he?


why voice girl? because if eric bypass like a gossip girl, they canyy suspect him ...


How could Eric even be GG? Unless he's a total sociopath, he would have had to betray his sister on countless occasions (pregnancy rumors, Yale acceptance, etc). Not to mention outing his mom's dark secret, his best friend Jenny's, his step-brother Chuck he obviously idolizes. And would someone recovering from a suicide attempt and clinical depression really be keeping up with the gossip from a treatment center? If the writers pick Eric they have no interest in character development or continuity. And I will stop watching.


gossip girl is played by kristen bell in case you dont know i just started watching the series...so i know only this...

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