A Review of the New Guiding Light Set, Production

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Today was the first day of the rest of Guiding Light's life. Or something to that effect.

The long-running soap opera introduced a new set and new overall production format. Here's a review of the changes, courtesy of iF Magazine:

Trying to be hipper, faster and more current in its strorytelling devices, CBS is shaking up a format that has been etched in stone for decades and while it may bring in younger viewers, it’s going to be shock treatment for older watchers who will be thinking their favorite soap has been hijacked by cable access filmmaking punks featuring shaky camera work, bad lighting and audio that sounds as it came directly from the microphone on the video camera.

That said, there’s some good and very bad examples of what is working as they try to accomplish something groundbreaking with its new milieu.

Read the full review now.

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My mother watches faithfully every day and I have seen my fair share of episodes even back to the days of Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper, with that said, does anyone edit anymore? I hear hesitations and hiccups with the actors speaking. One side of the house at the wedding is raining heavily and the other side of the house is in a full blown snowstorm? It really does make it look cheesy and low budget. Please go back to the original sets and get back to the way the show use to be for all of the fans of the show that obviously are up in arms. Isn't this show for the fans? Listen for crying out loud and change it back.


I was flipping through the channels when I came upon GL. I thought it was a local school or something making a cheap version of a cheesy soap. I was floored when I realized it was GL. I know enogh about any soap or show to know it's wrong. I feel for the true fans of the show, I would be unable to continue if I was a fan. It got my attention to watch for a couple of minutes for a few days. But when I realized it was not going to be fixed I was shocked and didn't care to wait any more. It's almost silly and weird. If the point is to atract currious viewers,they did,but we don't last very long. The true viewers deserve better than a cheap attempt to be cool. It is quite an insult to modern day tech. Maybe the show can cut cost by firing the producers or who ever made the call for changes.




half the year has gone by sence the changes started to take effect and they have had PLENTY of time to improve. Obviously, thy just don't care. If they realy wanted to make a new soap they should have done JUST that or at least said that all these younger cast members (and Cooper clan) all moved to PA and called it something different. Otherwise, calling it Guiding Light is insulting. Anyway, the Guiding Light we all grew up with a know actually ended in January. They might as well just cancelled because this new show (call it what you will) it is NOT the show that is so beloved. For such a long=standing soap it did deserve so much better. Those in current power there need to be replaced. They HAVE had time to make improvements and it is obvious that they don't CARE at all. Let's be honest the show we know and love was cancelled a long time ago, having the characters dragged through the mud of this terrible format is beyond insulting.


Note to GL...soap operas are supposed to be an escape from the everyday. I want to see my characters looking their very best, glamorous, sexy, handsome. Give me some fantasy please! This new format ruins everything. I hate it.


i thought it was a joke at first.. its horrid.
go back!!!


Words cannot tell you how HORRABLE the so called new format is. My 9yr old could do better with with a toy camera. And the plot/story lines make no sence half the time. If their goal was to completely kill this wonderful show after just celebrating 70 yrs, well they may just have done just that. I don't have the time to watch the show when it airs, but I have ALWAYS taped it to watch later. Well, I find myself fastforwarding through 85% of the show.
Please bring back the glory that was once "THE GUIDING LIGHT" because as it stands now I will not watch anymore.


I absolutely can't stand the new format. What is with the shaking camera? Is an inexperienced person on the camera now? I agree it does look as if it is a low budget film. And please get rid of that loud corny music! It is very annoying. Whose Idea was it anyway? I use to watch this show everyday. I am not watching it as closely as before. I may watch it 2 days a week. When and if the character Riva Shane leaves, I'll probabaly stop watching it all together. Tired of since these kids' drama (Bill Jr, Lizzy, ect). I'm ready for some real adults (Riva, comeback of Phillip) Whatever happened to "Nick" the santa that would help the Rick, Phillip, Rick, Melinda Sue when they needed it? We need a hero already!


The new format is amateurish and appears to be low budget. I have watched the Guiding Light for over 40 years and I'm really disappointed. The sound is terrible. The scene where Remmie was runing "nude" through the park was a joke. You could see the shorts he was wearing. That should have been edited out if you really expected anyone to think he was nude. The story lines are terrible. I feel like I'm wasting my time watching the show. My mother-in-law, who does not have internet access, asked that I relay to you that she too is not happy with the show. If you care about your audience, you will make some changes quick.


the new look of guiding light sucks! was there a budget cut or something?? you would think on a show thats been running for so long that the camera man could find a way to hold that thing still. My little brother could do better on the home video camera!!

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