A Review of the New Guiding Light Set, Production

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Today was the first day of the rest of Guiding Light's life. Or something to that effect.

The long-running soap opera introduced a new set and new overall production format. Here's a review of the changes, courtesy of iF Magazine:

Trying to be hipper, faster and more current in its strorytelling devices, CBS is shaking up a format that has been etched in stone for decades and while it may bring in younger viewers, it’s going to be shock treatment for older watchers who will be thinking their favorite soap has been hijacked by cable access filmmaking punks featuring shaky camera work, bad lighting and audio that sounds as it came directly from the microphone on the video camera.

That said, there’s some good and very bad examples of what is working as they try to accomplish something groundbreaking with its new milieu.

Read the full review now.

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I am so tired of not only the new format but the horrible writing. The format takes away from the story that isn't even good to begin with! Don't get me started on the cheesy music they play during 70% of the show - maybe they need the music because the story is so bad.


let's face it, money talks! It realy doesn't matter what we all think, we are not the advertisers and until THEY stop supporting the show (that now sucks), nothing will change back. The truth is they are cutting corners and the show looks worse than a bad porn (if you will). This is a very sad note to a historical soap opera but untill the advertisers do something, NOTHING will change. And as far as 'giving it time' uh DUHHHH I think we have. We have also spoken, but the truth (let's face it) is that WE don't matter. Money does!!


I disagree, I absolutely love the new set, the new look and everything else. Give yourself a chance to get used to the new look. I think it is refreshing.


Shutterfly said it well. It is so bad that I may soon stop viewing as well. The camera work is disturbing, the sound is so bad that even after I turn the volume up all the way, parts are intelligible. The lighting is appalling, and seeing Harley and Olivias up that close is downright scary.
If I see another day of the funeral, Guiding Light will need one too. Get on with it!


I am mourning the loss of my beloved Guiding Light. I get motion sickness watching it now and just cannot bear it anymore. I gave it a week but even at that, it was just too difficult to watch. So distracting, and how close do you really need to get?!!!!!!


It's AWFUL. My child could shoot this. I liked watching a TV show, not some kid's YouTube version of a soap. Camera shaky, sound through the camera? Really? I'm done with the show as long as it stays like this. Personally, Prod. saying they did it to make it more "hip" is another way of them saying "let's cut costs." I can't believe there are people out there that like this.


The new format is AWFUL!!! It is so distracting the way the camera sways. The actors seem so amateurish somehow. I stopped watching the show after 15 years because of this new format!


I also hate the new format and that it was going to be just an 'experimental' thing that would pass. I finally decided to research it online tonight only to find that it is a permanent change!! I can't believe they think that the shaky camera work and poor sound is going to INCREASE viewers. Please bring back the old format as I love the show but can't take this new 'format' any longer!!


I hate it too and have officially deleted gl from my tivo schedule. I gave it a week and cannot get used to it. It's as if my daughter made a home video. I have watched gl since 1979 and it's too bad such a horrible mistake was made.


I absolutely hate the new format. It's cheap and very amateurish. Visual quality is horrid, lighting - horrid; sound - terrible, writing and storylines - ugh. The in-your-face-up-your-nostrils style is loathsome. New indoor sets have a cramped and clostrophobic feeling. The constantly moving camera makes me feel queasy like being sea-sick so
unfortunately I can't watch it even if I could get past all the other things. I have watched GL for many, many years and stuck with it through it's good and bad times, however this is the straw that broke the camels back. It makes me sad that they feel they have to make such drastic changes to the format when that is only a bandaid solution (actually it might just put the light out). It's all about great writers producing excellent and socially relevant stories and great acting. They have lost me as a viewer.

Guiding Light Quotes

Harley: Did you buy or seel any small countries today?
Gus: No, that's tomorrow at 4.

Thank you. My favorite kind of food - the kind that sweats in the bag before you open it.