Heroes Caption Contest XXI

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Once again, thanks to everyone that submitted an entry for this edition of the only Heroes Caption Contest on the Web.

The responses varied, but the user who simply goes by the name "B" made us laugh the hardest. Take a look at his caption now (under the photo).

Then, scroll down and check out the rest of the entries. Remember to come back and play every week!


Elton John called, he wants his pants back.

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Matt: "Molly? Why are you here?"
Molly: "Um- I was hanging out with Grandpa..."
Matt: "If you EVER call him that again I will spank you so hard that your parents will roll in their graves!"


Maury: Does this make me look fat? *silence*


Maury: w00t!
Matt and Molly: wtf?
Maury: Made ya look! lol
Matt: U sux0Rz
Molly: liek totaly!


Maury: Hey guys, guess what?
Matt and Molly: What?
Maury: Liek, I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!
Matt: wtf?
Molly: lol


Matt: Don't say that to her! Plaid is totally back in style!
Maury: I was talking about the lime turtle neck Matthew.


Matt: Seriously dad, did you have to tell her
I wet my bed until the eighth grade?


The new attractions at Madame Tussaud's.


Matt & Molly: Eww...Your zippers open.


Maury: Where you guys going? Dinners getting cold.
Molly: What? Umm?
Matt: Dad! We're going out to eat. Your meatloaf is horrible!


Oops,forgot to add the last part XD. Matt:……
Matt&Molly:……It came from you,didn't it?


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys