Heroes Spoilers for Season Three

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We may have to wait until the fall for new episodes, but at least we can look over a few Heroes spoilers for that season now.

During the recent Jules Verne Festival, show creator Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb presented footage of the chapter "Villains." We showed the video here - but here's a rundown of changes that lie ahead for the show:

  • Angela Petrelli has moved into a powerful role at The Company.  It has also been revealed that Level Five, one of The Company's prison areas where the most dangerous and powerful killers are detained, gets breached.
  • There's also a scene in which most of the major Heroes are all dead.  Described by Noah Bennet like "12 Sylars running free," the shots shows Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) as a corpse in a pool of blood, Hiro (Masi Oka) been pinned to the wall with his own sword and Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) with his throat torn open.

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This show is a popularity contest. I agree with redrat. The ratings will crash if any of those die. but they would just show their death to tease and attract viewers. good strategy kring


I agree that this scene is a scene that shows what will happen if the Heroes don't save someone or something, or just maybe that they don't do what their supposed to do in time and this is the answer to what would happen.


Peter, Matt and Hiro die?
Must be either in a dream or in alternate dimension..
Or just the end of Heroes. I choose the first or second option.


i dont beleive that peter, matt, or hiro are going to die in
the next season. that would take all of the shows greatest
characters out of the show(not including sylar, claire, and
elle), rather that the peter looking corpse could in fact be
the end of nathan if he survived the season 2 finale. or it
could be his would be killer. hiro wont die, but possible ando,
and then thers parkman. I doubt it will be him, maybe is was
bob or maury with there throat ripped out.

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