Mischa Barton Offered Role on Gossip Girl

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We liked The OC at the start, but we're not all that thrilled about recent rumors saying Mischa Barton is joining the Gossip Girl cast.

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello reports that Mischa Barton being offered a role is now confirmed, but what isn't certain is whether or not a deal will actually be struck for her to play the recurring role of Georgina Sparks.

Georgina is reportedly going to a "scheme queen" who brings the past of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) into her present. She would be introduced to the show, presumably, when it returns April 21.

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The Beauty That is Blake

Will Mischa Barton and Blake Lively be co-stars on Gossip Girl?

Executive producer Josh Schwartz, of course, killed Mischa Barton off of The OC, and how runs Gossip Girl, the new CW hit series.

What do you think, Gossip Girl fans? Will Barton fit in with the Gossip Girl cast? Or is the show better off with lesser-known stars?

We believe the latter, as we've really enjoyed the work of relative unknowns Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, but want to hear your views.

UPDATE: Mischa's rep has told Us Weekly that the deal is off: "She will not be on the show. She was approached, but passed." Don't get us wrong, we're happy she bailed, but she could've let us talk about it a bit ...

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I love Mischa Barton. I think shed be a good character in gossip girl. None of these annoying spoiled brats...at least in the OC Mischa didnt care about being rich, and at least it was more entertaining then Gossip Girl. I say Mischa Braton would make the show less dull.


oh NOOOO please please do NOT put mischa on the show


Misha Barton dosent look like she could fit in with
all these fun and exciting stars of GG,
for instance Blake Lively is the most bubbly character in GG
n Misha is really dull compared to her! :S


haha even my boyfriend said not to put her on.


great actress but preferably not featured in 'Gossip Girl.' DONT LET HER! US FANS ARE SAYING THIS! NO! =]


yay!!!!!!!!mischa barton is NOT on da show!!!!!!!omg it'd b so bad if she was on goosip girl!!!! she'll ruin the whole entire show!!!!!!!!i luv gossip girl da way it is now!!!and im so glad dat mishca barton is not on it!!!!thank god dat she turned it down!


thank gosh shes not on the show! I mean she was great on the oc but shel so ruin gossip girl if she get in. Still weird ppl offerd since kaitlin in the oc was supposed tbe blair.


I really don't think it's a good idea to cast Mischa Barton because she's too well known from the OC. I think if she was more unknown it would be better, but she's not. I think when people watch her on GG, they'll just see her in california with all the other OC people, not in NYC with Nate and Blair and all them.


thank god


i heard that she said she was too cool for gossip girl...we alle know she isn't


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