Nuke Fans Angered Over As the World Turns Episode

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Once again, fans of Luke and Noah are outraged over the way the couple has been treated on As the World Turns.

Take a look at the following clip from the show's Valentine's Day episode and you'll understand why...


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They shouldn't be complaining, they're lucky they got what they did, if I had been in charge they wouldn't have even been in the episode. Valentines is about the romance between a woman and a man.


As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: So, Luke... I know it was awkward walking on me and Maddie...
Luke: More awkward for you guys. At least I still had my clothes on.

Maddie: Hopefully if we're lucky, Luke will get his sense of humor back.
Noah: Luke's funny?
Maddie: When he's not worried about something, hilarious.
Noah: I'll make a note.