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Patrick Dempsey Waiting to Take Off

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Relax, Grey's Anatomy fans. We're not talking about him leaving the cast of the show or anything. Just LAX airport in this photo from earlier in the week. Armed with carry-on, Patrick Dempsey waits for a flight with wife Jillian Dempsey on Monday...

Waiting For Takeoff

Patrick Dempsey is the only guy we know who looks good at the airport.

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"I see London, I see France, Do I see McDreamy's underpants? =)" I just can't get a big enough photo on the computer. I that Patrick's underoos sticking out the back of his behind? Anyone, Anyone?.......


he's definitely "McDreamy."
"McSexy" works too.


Hey Kathy,
Thanks for letting me know he's headed off to the Versace fashion show :D
I hope the spring catalogue will be out soon ! Oh and about the ABC game, I was suprised too to see McDreamy between the bachelors !!
But he's not really single, you could say he's in between women ...


I noticed on the ABC TV home page there was a game you could play of ABC bachelors which included GA. So I clicked on it to see how it worked and what I found interesting was the two people that was shown as bachelors was McSteamy and MCDREAMY!!!!!! So, I found that really interesting.....does this mean ABC may want Derek to remain single for a while or WHAT?????


Patrick does look great in this picture...but then again he looks great NO MATTER WHAT he is doing! I read somewhere that he and his wife were headed off to Milan for the Versace Fashion Show this week. Now that he is a representative for them, I guess he has to go to some of their functions when he can.


Oooh look at him sitting there ... sooo cute ! I wonder where he's going...
I'm guessing not too far, he's packing light,
plus he has to be home on sunday to present at the Academy Awards :D


grrr... he's so hot. Maybe because adding to good looks, he's a great husband and a wonderful father, not to leave aside a great actor. He's McPerfect. I love him so much!


ahh...what would the world be like without a man as hot as Patrick? I really don't want to know! Sexiest Man Alive right there.


sexiest man alive omg his butt is so hot esp. in this pic...sneak a peak


he is soooooooo cute