Pushing Daisies Season One: Over

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Nice NedKristin of E! Online is reporting that even if the writers' strike is resolved in the next week, it's too late to get Pushing Daisies in production for more episodes this season.

Here's the quote from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller:

"Lots of talk has been going down this past week," Fuller said. "Essentially, even if the strike is resolved in the next week or two, we wouldn't be back until next season. There was a preliminary conversation that involved a plan to hit the ground running and try to get episodes on the air as soon as possible, but it no longer seems like that's going to happen.

It seems most likely that we will have a very short first season and then come back in the fall for a proper season two."

In the meantime - and there will be plenty of it - visit our forum and talk about the show until it comes back! 

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