Tyra Banks: Not a Fan of America's Next Top Model Champs

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Tyra Banks PicPhony, pathetic, desperate-for-attention Tyra Banks was hooked up to a lie detector on her talk show earlier this week. It was part of a promo for the new game show, Moment of Truth.

"Now I know that there are some of you out there who question a few things about me.  That's why I've climbed into this hot seat so I can clear some things up once and for all in my own moment of truth," said Banks as she was strapped into the lie detector.

The Moment of Truth host Mark Wahlberg asked the America's Next Top Model creator and lead judge if she thought every winner of the show deserved to take home the title.

"I have gotten out-voted for girls on America's Next Top Model who have gone home," she answered.  "But I have never gotten out-voted when there was a winner.  I have always voted for the winner that won."

LIAR, the machine buzzed!

"What's up with that machine!?  Hindsight is 20/20 y'all!" explained Banks, adding she only questioned her final decision of America's Next Top Model winners after seeing some of the season's exploits during editing.

Do you buy that explanation? Do you like Tyra? 

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Tyra's just a beyotchy woman... she's selfish and a man-hater. No man with guts will even think of marrying her. If she does get a sperm donation to have a baby, it will most likely be from her QUEER friends.


Why does Tyra Banks say on her Tyra Banks show:"Who Cares" about weight,and on her next program: "America's Next Top Model", every inch of the woman's body is examined? And on one recent program she made three women gag with a drink, in order to see who would win the bag..by drinking it the fastest? To me she speaks out of both sides of her mouth..And the women looked nauseous..while she was laughing!