Dominic Fumusa Dishes on As the World Turns Character

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Gray Gerald Picture
Dominic Fumusa recently chatted with about his new character on As the World Turns. Just what is this Gray Gerald guy up to? Tell me a little about Gray.
Dominic Fumusa: Well, he comes to town as a mystery man. No one really knows what he's doing. He shows up to a poker game with Henry. Gray's a man of means and engages in high stakes poker with Henry. Over the course of the evening Gray wins a large amount of money from Henry.

Henry claims that he doesn't have the money, but he does offer up the diner and there starts the whole, what people are calling, the "Indecent Proposal" when I say I'll forgive the bet, but instead of the diner, I take your girlfriend for a night. What are Gray's intentions?
Dominic Fumusa: The funny thing is, is that it's not clear what Gray's intentions are but what is clear is that he doesn't seem to be the nicest guy but you, as the viewer, aren't sure why you don't like him. As the name implies Gray is very gray.

Read the full interview with Fumusa now.

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