Eriko Tamura Reveals Season Three Spoilers

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Japanese actress Eriko Tamura (pictured) - who played the 16th-century love interest of Hiro at the outset of Heroes last season - has admitted that her character will play a role in season three.

Please, television gods, tell us this doesn't mean Hiro goes back to feudal Japan again.


Tamura said that her character, Taeko, was supposed to be transported to the present in episodes that were scripted, but not finished before the writers' strike commenced last fall.

"I am going to be in the present, yes," Tamura assured viewers in an interview. "I actually had a few episodes of the script then. Suddenly, the strike happened, so we had to stop the shooting."

Do you wanna see Hiro continue his love story in the present? Let us know.

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I hope she comes into the present, that way Hiro can have a love interest as well!


it's better to bring that girl in present, i can't watch that
century old japan anymore. i already had enough!!


what on earth that is supposed to be?? that part of season2 was
rather boring, i did not like all that 16th century stuff but
what i liked was when takezo aka adam was back in present
flying all the way down from building to the road with mr. nakamura!!
whoa!! what a way to introduce the villain!!


YES YES YES hiro and her are the perfect little asian couple
Love that That just made my day!


Hm. Well, I'm not sure how to feel about that. [Also, wasn't her name Yaeko? Probably a typo, but. Yes.] I hate to say it, but I never got too interested in her. The character seems rather... bland. If they can do anything with her to make her less so, I may be interested. But as for now? I'm neutral bordering slightly on disapproval. Hm.

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