Gossip Girl Spoiler: Male Character is Gay

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Here's a potentially big Gossip Girl spoiler for you. It was reported yesterday by TV Guide that "a male character on Gossip Girl will be revealed to be of the gay persuasion when the show returns on April 21."

In the book series, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) played for both teams, so he's an option, although the books have provided only a loose interpretation of what we've seen on The CW's Gossip Girl so far.

We think that Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo), Serena's little brother, or the always mysterious Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick, pictured) might be more likely candidates to come out of the closet.

Another Ed Westwick Picture

What do you think, fans of Gossip Girl? Who will be revealed to be a gay character when Gossip Girl returns Monday, April 21?

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I personally think that Chuck will just experiment with being gay because he has no one else to tun to? I don't think that it is Eric.


I would be fine with dan or eric being gay or even Nate but if it is Chuck it'll break my heart because I
LOVE CB togetha Anyways Wateva the writers choose I guess we will all just have to go along with even if it makes us cry hehe


DAN WAS NOT GAY IN THE BOOKS. Just thought that I'd let that one out there. Yes, he did kiss a guy, but he went back to his girlfriend. It's not entirely wrong to guess that in the show he will be, though, because they barely follow the books. XD Lol.


I really think its eric. It just wouldn't make sence if it were any of the other guys because they are all so obviously straight.




It's sooo Eric!!


Also... Dan is gay in the books because Chuck likes Serena... at least in the books he does... IT IS NOT NATE!


It HAS to be Dan! I <3 Serena and Nate... they need to be a couple! I HATE BLAIR AND DAN! Erik and Jenny also make a gr8 couple!


Chuck being sexy has nothing to do with him being gay. XD Dan only got confused for a small bit in the books. So... I really don't know. Chuck was gay, though! Haha.... I still think it's hilarious. XP


ok tell me girl who do you think is gay i think its dan cuz they are too gud to be true or chuck experimenting too much or nate being with one girl since kindergaden or eric attempted suicide so wt do u think am so conjused cuz am making a bet so i need to know

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