Gossip Girl Spoiler: Nate and Vanessa!?

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We didn't believe the rumors either, until this pic was snapped and sent to us. It sure looks like Nate and Vanessa swapping spit to us, as Chace Crawford and Jessica Szohr shoot scenes for a new episode...

Nate and Vanessa

Nate and Vanessa? OMG, WTF! Well, guess it's better to keep her away from Dan and Serena. Vanessa was really getting on our nerves in that regard. Still... Nate!? What are your thoughts on this Gossip Girl spoiler?

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I love vanessa and nate!!!They r perfect together. vanessa is really pretty and has a bubbly personality and she deserves nate the most.


aahhhh they are the cutest i was so mad they broke them up in season 2 :(


I Dont Like Her At Alll.
Nate Should Be With Serena.Or Blair.


Nate & 'nessa are my fave among the GG couples, absolutely real, love 'em!!!


i hate vanessa blair n nate is the best


personally i LOVE nate and vanessa!! chuck and blair, then dan and serena, they are the best couples!
god blair is a bitch she doesnt deserve nate, and serena and nate??? ew and jenny and nates ok i guess ut who else is there? V+N :D


o.m.g vannesa and nate (ew) the perfect couple will be Nate and Jenny... they look so cute together... He's so HOT and jENNY is pretty they r made 4 each other...


well you no wat f**K every one i love the thought of them together in gg and real life if tht was possible! lol there both hot ad getting ova broken hearts so
leave em alone just coz you cant get none ppl! xxx MADI :P


Ummmm EWWWWWWWWWW.... hate it.,...Jenny and NAte Forever...they need to get together soon b/c i'm boycotting the show until V&N are over...which i hope is soon because i like the show


i dont have a problem with vanessa and nate together..at least that can help vanessa to stay away from Dan! Because Dan belongs to Serena

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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

Gossip Girl

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