Heroes Spoilers: Status of Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere

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Amidst rumors that Kristen Bell isn't signed on for season three of Heroes, Kristin of E! Online has the following message for fans;

I have it on good authority that Elle is very much a part of the writers' grand plan for season three. (Fear not: Tim Kring loves her just as much as we do!) So, if there is a holdup, I assure you it is more on the business (rather than creative) side of things, and there is still time to get this worked out before they go back into production.

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Oh, and by the by, we might not see much of Claire-bear in the first episode or two. Hayden Panettiere told us at her Candies soiree that production is "gearing up in April and I'll be joining them in May when I come back from shooting I Love You, Beth Cooper in Vancouver."

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wait, so we wont see her much in the first or second episode, but what about the restof the episodes in season three? Will we see her more like in season one and two? please explain???


I'm sure she wants more money. They always want more money.
Thing is the show would be just fine without anyone of the
actors or actress's (not "PC" but its no different
than Maam vs Sir, should we call all women "Sir" as well?)
Many plot lines could explain the disappearence of or morphing
of the char(s) so another actress/acter could play any of the
characters. Get back to work all of ya. Sheesh Heroes is
the ONLY show on NBC I like. My money says the show will
disappear cause of cost over runs (ie read the first like)
maybe a movie when they are all broke in a few years?

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