How As the World Turns Will Bid Farewell to Jennifer Landon, Jesse Soffer

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To the chagrin of many As the World Turns fans, it's been confirmed that Jennifer Landon, Jesse Soffer will be exiting the series this spring.

We now have brief, inside information regarding how their characters - Gwen and Will - will be written out...

Their exit will be related to the custody issues surrounding Hallie, which popped up again this week as Gwen returned the baby to birth-mother Sofie.

Jennifer Landon, Jesse Soffer

Both Will and Gwen have had their ups and downs in Oakdale since they came on the scene; and it appears as though the drama with Hallie and Sofie will be the last straw for each.

Will this type of explanation for the elimination of two key cast members satisfy you? Share your thought now in our forum.

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I think the writters have taken Gwen and Will as fare as possible at the moment, but that is not to say they can't return. That said, Barbara will need her family in the next year and that is out of character for both Will and Gwen, so perhaps the timing isn't good. But the budget will survive so does it really matter what fans think?
There have been so many underutilized characters hanging around to long and characters that were not fully developed and utilized.

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