Katherine Heigl to Remain on Grey's Anatomy (For Now)

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Rest assured, Gizzie fans. Katherine Heigl isn't going anywhere.

Despite swirling reports that the Emmy-winning actress wants to leave the cast of Grey's Anatomy to concentrate on her burgeoning movie career, a rep for Katherine tells OK! Magazine that they're nothing more than rumors.

"She is starting work next week," the rep for Heigl said. "She is returning to Grey's Anatomy and filming a movie at the same time."

Staying Put For Now

It's not like the 29-year-old newlywed could necessarily bolt Seattle Grace Hospital even if she were intent on it. Katherine Heigl still has two years left on her three-year contract and bailing could result in litigation or heavy fines.

Still, rumors have persisted that she wants out.

"If it were up to her, she would have her character killed off," a source quoted by OK! and several other tabloids stated. "She fears if she waits much longer, the moment will pass [in launching a film career]."

Early last year, Heigl dropped out of contract negotiations over a salary dispute, citing disappointment that "Touchstone doesn't value her as much as her Grey's Anatomy costars," though she eventually re-signed.

Here's hoping that Katherine Heigl and the rest of the Grey's Anatomy cast remain intact and under contract for many seasons to come.

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I wouldn't go by GA Insider nor that report since that is a very old report. In the written OK! Magazine blurb they said most of the supporting cast is contracted under a 6 year contract. At least they mention KH is under a 6 year contract. The 7th contract could just be for EP and PD. Plus far as I know Entertainment Weekly said all the cast finished their negotations by July 2007. KH was done with hers quietly under the radar and received her raise she wanted. Which is another thing the OK! Magazine online article got wrong(weird how the online and written blurbs slant things huh). KH finished her dispute a long time ago, and made a compromise with the network *shrugs*. Just in the end we honestly don't know per se because there is so much speculation and "insiders". The truth of the matter is we only know a tiny part of the big picture. I honestly would rather see PD and KH in the movies after their contract is up, but that's just me. And this is coming from a big Izzie fan *shrugs*. I'm glad the rumors are false that KH is leaving because I think losing any of the original interns would honestly hurt the show at this point.


Here is the link from March of 2007 when it was listed here on GA Insider about contract negotiations.
Sounds as if they are under a 7 year contract at this point. http://www.greysanatomyinsider...


Katy, Heigl doesn't want out. Her rep said that the rumors were false. The written version in OK! Magazine had a lot more information than the online version. IMO The only one that showed inkling to leave has been PD, but I honestly don't see PD nor KH staying after season six. These two have been the major break-out hits. So I would rather them spread their movie wings and do the family thing. Then being stuck in GA because most of the GA cast might already be stereotyped already...


I don't understand why KH would want out. I mean she is on a hit tv show and people see here face each week! She could still do movies along with her tv show. I think if she were to leave even though they she isn't for now, that that would be a BIG mistake on her part.
I read somewhere that they all have signed a seven year contract. Has anybody else read that? I hope that is true. I guess she has two years left meaning she only signed for 6?
Now I'm not sure exactly how many years any of them have now???????? I especially worry about PD. I know I have read where he says he will stay on as long as there is GA. I just hope that is true. I mean if anybody has ALOT going on it is PD. But, from what I have read he isn't planning on going anywhere anytime soon! I just wonder now if maybe they are all only under 6 yr contracts and then we face the problem of losing cast members after season 6????? Gosh, that makes me sad to even think of that!


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