Martha Byrne: Leaving As the World Turns

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According to TV Guide, Procter & Gamble has confirmed that two-time Emmy winner Martha Byrne will soon exit As the World Turns.

Other websites are reporting that the fan favorite — who plays Lily Snyder — turned down an insulting offer to re-sign her contract. But the show's executive producer Chris Goutman says this isn't the case.

“We made Martha an incredibly generous offer in hopes that she would remain a valuable member of the As the World Turns cast,” Goutman says in a statement. “Unfortunately, Martha has decided to leave despite our best efforts to keep her.”

Those close to the situation swear that’s valid.

“When Goutman says ‘generous,’ he means it — the offer was generous by anyone’s standards,” insists one longtime staffer. “I don’t know what else the show could have done for Martha.”

The actress, who is still taping episodes, will be off the air by April.

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I have been watching ATWT since 1956. I have seen Lily grow up. I cannot visualize anyone but Martha Byrne playing that role.
Why couldn't the writers just let Lily be gone for a short period of time while Martha and the producers could work out a contract agreeable to all. I find it hard to believe that money was the only issue.
It is hard enough to continue to be a fan of the show when we have to keep getting used to new characters , not just the Hughes and Stewart families that were the foundation of the show. Now we have the Snyder and Walsh families. That is good but we need to keep the same cast members. I would like to see a storyline giving us a big reunion, not just one show but a couple of episodes where we can find out what these people are doing,Sierra, Iva and Josh , etc. I want to see Henry get married.


As a women that has been fighting cancer for over 8 years am truly disappointed in loosing this actress. Her terrific performance at playing this character has been a great distraction for me and what I have been going thru, even though is fictional life story. Have to agree that the original Lily cannot ever be replaced.Producers should realize that she{BYRNE] has no doubt given up many other acting opportunities to remain loyal at playing this character in the first place.Many times stars get into being sterotyped soap characters only.To me and sure others would say she is worth the extra money. I guess will have to go back to designing shows on cable.Hopefully commercial sponcers will not loose to much.Maybe she should try at singing career.Her voice was calming and spectacular!!!!!


I am 37 years old and have been watching ATWT since I was a little girl. I watched with my mom who has been watching since she was a youth as well. I was shocked today to see that Martha Byrne had been replaced and that her replacement did not exactly fit the part. Lily has always been a staple for the show as a down to earth, normal, easy to relate to, character. Martha Byrne was perfect for the part and it was easy to believe that she was a good, although not always perfect, wife and mother. I am just not sure that the new "Lily" is quite as convincing or should I say believable in the role. I know they say we just get used to seeing a certain person in a role and will get used to the change in time, but when I saw her it was very hard to believe that this woman had Lily's hitory and was a mother of four. Martha Byrne will be missed.


How well I remember Holden jumping down from the hayloft, startling Lily. The pain when Lily finds out who her real mother was - not Lucinda. Carly and Jack's on/off relationship(s). I have watched since 1954! when I was growing up /I am happy to be retired now and see it every day. We didn't have VCR's in those days-so you worked your day around the time the show came on. Then it was only 1/2 hr. Real fans do take the characters to their hearts. I agree, it would have been better to kill her than to try to pass someone new off as the same character! I thought I'd never get over the new switches/replacements/and returns made in the past. I loved Lisa nd Bob during college days!
I would like Martha Byrne to make a public statement regarding her separation from ATWT and the reasons behind her leaving. I would also like to see them have one big reunion with Emma and the boys and their wives and the adopted daughter (mom of Lily) and Julie who is still sickly in Wash. or Oregon (Aaron's Mom - Fathered by Holden) I love the new Meg, but I really liked the previous one who Married Josh and went off to Texas. I loved the previous Mike, but the new Mike is wonderful too. I still miss the old Margo, but finally got use to the new one. Same with the old and new Tom. Meanwhile Lisa maintains her diva character and I would like to see her have a new love interest. Nancy Hughes too! Bob and Kim have maintained well as has Susan Stewart. I still miss her Dad (Judge) and Mom too. I would love to see a huge reunion done similar to the 50th Anniversary Shows. Love the subtle "lessons" on drugs (prescription or illegal) young (and old) love, gay and straight, Meanwhile, carryon as best you all can with good advise from all the oldies.


I was shock today to hear that Lily Snyder was now being played by another actress. I have watch ATWT for 45 years and the show will not be the same without Martha Byrne playing the infamous role of Lily.


I have been watching As The World Turns since i was 13. I don't think that Martha should leave the show. I love her and the way she plays Lily. No one will ever be able to play Lily the way she can. I hope that she changes her mind and stays on.


I agree with others, nobody will ever fill Martha's shoes as Lily, they have tried in the past. I've been watching both ATWT and GL for over 30 years, and have seen the character of Lily grow from a teen to presently. I hope Martha comes back soon.


I to have watched as the world turns for at least 45 yrs. i won't be the same WITHOUT MARTHA. I think it will be a big mistake for her not to play the role of lilly. Bringing someone else on will not be the same . They will never fill martha's shoes.


I have been a fan of ATWT for 50 years. I feel like they are family to me....I also know that Martha Byrnes works....she is perfect for the part....she is worth fighting for...


Please try to get her to change her mind. Lily and Holden are a great couple and no one can replace Lily. They have tried before and it just won't work. She has been on this show for years and should be for years to come. To many good people have left. And with others going and all the new people you have, what is the sense in watching anymore.

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