Shonda Rhimes Wants Meredith, Derek Together For Good

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"My goal is to get Meredith [Ellen Pompeo] and Derek [Patrick Dempsey] together for good and let them try to figure out what it is to be in a relationship in the future." - Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes.

The executive producer's words may offer welcome relief for fans exhausted by months - years - of Meredith and Derek getting closer, yet always driven apart.

"That is something that time off [during the writers' strike] really gave me some perspective on â€" whether or not we could actually do it, how we could do it, that it would be amazing to watch how that works," Rhimes said.

And Some MerDer Love Too

Will the much-maligned Meredith and Derek love story finally be repaired?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shonda Rhimes said she had dinner with Dempsey and "we talked about all of this. As actors, they're very invested in Derek and Meredith. Ellen and I are getting together Monday."

Even the Grey's Anatomy cast itself is excited by this news.

When told of the MerDer development, T.R. Knight exclaimed, "Oh, wow, I didn't know that! I guess Meredith and Derek are gonna smooch again!"

On a slightly less ecstatic note, Knight said he is busy getting over a bad cold before heading back to work next week: "I got the crud that's been going around," he said as he drove home from a doctor's appointment yesterday. "It was like, Body is crashing, you've got a week and a half to be sick before work starts, so go."

Also coming up when Grey's Anatomy returns April 24:

  • Lauren Stamile, who plays McDreamy's latest potential love interest, Nurse Rose, will return for all five new spring episodes.
  • Elizabeth Reaser, as Jane Doe / Ava / Rebecca, will be back for three.

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After five years,I hope Mer is completely healed so that she & Der can have a happy life together.They really deserve it.This show needs some sanity & happiness & they are the ones that can do it.Would be nice to see Mer really communicating with Der instead of with her friends.It's ok sometimes but don't overdo it,like the last four seasons & am sure season five.She really needs him.


Where in the world did they ever "dig up" Rose in the first place?Looks like a love sick puppy!Sorry! I liked Sydney. I hope Der does not mess up when Mer is gone.If he does,that's it for me & my MerDEr friends.They are the perfect couple.Did a good job putting them together.Hope they get a chance to spend more time alone when she comes back. They were always rudely interrupted.Hope it's never happened to any of you writers.




I have only one dream:MerDer's marriage!!!Yappie!!!


I always wanted Meredith and Derek to go together =)


Halleuijah :)


this gives me hope. I was so scared something bad would happen to Derek, and Mer would have to wait a while.


I meen ;)


I am so happy Shonda Rhimes decided to bring meredith and derek back together for good :D
I wonder what will happen if Season 5 ever comes out!!! .....Will they get married and have children??
You never know ;D


Mer/der are meant to be together. Rose is just yaks!!! with no personality, no charisma and manymore yaks yaks and yaks and not suitable for derek!!! How long more do i have to wait for mer/der to be together? I have stopped watching greys -will get back into it when mer/der is together again this time i hope its for good.

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