Susan Flannery Speaks on Retirement, More

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A Flannery Farewell?
Will Susan Flannery truly be calling it quits in the near future? The star of The Bold and the Beautiful recently covered this and other topics with TV Guide Canada: Are you really planning on retiring in a couple of years? Or is this just another great scheme of Stephanie’s?
Susan Flannery: [laughs] Yes, I am retiring — and it’s going to be sooner rather than later. I haven’t set a date in my mind, but it’s not in the too-far distant future.

TVG: No! So that sound we hear is Brad [Bell, The Bold and the Beautiful's executive producer/head writer] constructing a dungeon chamber to keep you under his lock and key!
Flannery: [laughs] I don’t know about that. You know, life is short and I had a great run. I’m not leaving in the next four to five months, but I am definitely headed towards leaving the show.

TVG: My therapist is going love this. [sighs] If you had your druthers, how would you like to see Stephanie written out of the show?
Flannery: You know, someone asked me that and all I can say is I would trust however Brad decided to write me out; however best he thinks my exit should play out. Brad’s the writer — and I have a lot of respect for him — so, I wouldn’t even think to suggest anything.

Read the full interview with Flannery now.

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Love her hate her Stephanie has always been the motivating catalyst for all the better story lines in BB Young Stepanie may be able to bring the show over to a youger audience ,(time moves on the the cast is edging up there )but well always miss the real Stephanie ... Thank you Susan for years of entertainment..... may you have a well deserved and long happy retirement Thank you again


She (Susan Flannery) will be surely missed. She is an icon in this soap. It is too sad or hard to think that she will not be on it any longer, however she is writen off. Just like As the World Turns who recently went off the air, Stephanie Forrester, (Susan Flannery)is also a legend with this show. This show won't be the same without her in it. :(




Sometimes I love Stephanie, sometimes I hate her. But, I
DO NOT want to see her go, for any reason. Stephanie
is the original matriarch of the show.


While Susan Flannery may well be the best that that has happened to the Bold & the Beautiful, Catherine Kelly Lang would have to be #2. Frankly, it's debatable who is #1 because they are both fantastic actresses and clearly the reasons for this shows success. Ron Moss has delivered stiff, stilted portrayals of Ridge. And the writers have at times inconsistenly developed his character -- leading to periods in which his character is unbelievable (okay, I know this is a Soap). John McCook is clearly the better actor between the two gents who form the foursome core of B&B. All of that being said, the previous poster's point of view is odd to me. Stephanie's character should be pretty unsympathetic considering her history of horrid behavior. Poor Eric never had a chance at being happy in the 21 years this show has been running and the show pre-history demonstates that he was hoodwinked into marrying a woman his didn't even love. It's way past time for Stephanie to get her just desserts and for Brook and the other Logans to come out on top.


I watch this afternoons empisode and and I was in tears as I watch Stephine think back to her times with Erik in their beautiful home and as she stood in the door way watching Erik dance with Donna. Stephine is the bes tthing that ever happened to Bold and the Beautiful and it will be hard to find someone to fill her shoes. She is one of a kind and makes Bold and the Beautiful what it is. Brooke needs a taste of her own medicine. She has caused so much pain and disruptione that she needs to get some back...