Chace Crawford Dating Casey Laine?

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford kept his arm around rumored girlfriend (!?) Casey Laine in New York City this past weekend.

Looks like more than rumored to us. Think these two are dating?

Casey Laine

DO Casey Laine and Chace Crawford make a cute couple?

Is Casey Laine, who is from Chace Crawford's native Dallas, Tx., speaking out about Chace on her MySpace page? It reads: "Kiss me slow and softly. Make me dream of you." OMG Chace. She loves u boi.

For the opposing viewpoint, there's also a rumor going around that this is an old photo, they are just friends and have known each other for years.

If you can shed any light on this, Gossip Girl fans, please let our staff members know ASAP so we can set the record straight!

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i think they do make a cutie ass couple


i do not find Carrie Underwood to be more gorgeous than other girls. She is just average - because there are LOTS of pretty young girls on the loose. Some famous, some making lattes at Starbucks. One day this girl made my latte and she was STUNNING. I told her "Go be a model or actor - you are very special" - she just smiled. Some girls don't even know how incredible they are - boys too i suppose. But as for me, i favor Taylor M. once she is LEGAL. Right now she is too young for him. Thank you.

Avatar i was looking for her myspace profile and i found this one. it looks genuine. the pic looks orig and all.
and it says her 'mood' is 'loved...
loved by chace ha haaa ;) ♥
and it says she is from dallas. i think this is the one :S


That is not what i'm hearing he's not dating her hes dating taylor momsen


ok, angel kim, but as a big fan of chace we just want the best for him, that girl is ugly, carrie is much more than her, whatever, actually i want him for myself


Come on, all this jealousy is ridiculous even though it's understandable. IF you're his true fan you'd be happy for him regardless of who he's dating. That is, if he's dating her. Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a person by their looks. It's whats inside that counts.


why is he goin out wif her.. he is too good 4 her.. obviously hasn't heard of me yet!! xoxo lm


Definite down grade. She lives in Austin and is a total idiot stoner.


No I don't think so... that hair style he has in this pic is too recent to be honest.


such a downgrade from carrie underwood!
carrie is soooo beautiful


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