Gossip Girl Cast Twirls, Smiles

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We're not entirely sure where this came from, or what the footage is used for. But it's the Gossip Girl cast practicing their fake smiles and trying to act cool while turning around and facing the camera. It's great.

There are three separate videos of this. Here's the first, featuring Taylor Momsen and Penn Badgley. It's awkward, hilarious and surprisingly addicting to watch, all at the same time. You gotta love acting...


Follow the jump for two more videos of the Gossip Girl cast members doing this same exact thing - over and over again!



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That was SO funny!
I could not stop laughing.
Leighton couldn't stop smiling, and Chace looked like he was going to laugh the whole time.
And Ed was just mega hot and funny. I love his smile. It was so funny when he was giving
the camera a really serious face and then all of a sudden smiled. He looked like a complete
dork but it was SO cute! I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed :)


haha is it wierd that i find these HILARIOUS! i love chaces cause he looked like he was about to crack up the whole time! hahaha and ed actually did! oh goodness i love it!


I think this must have been the photoshoot for the original promotional ads.
The original banners on the CW site for Gossip Girl had all
the characters in the same clothes they are wearing here.
So I think they were just posing for a photoshoot.


its a photoshoot


OMFG! Even doing this, ED is sooooooo sexy....he's the best at making "bad boy faces"
LOvveeee him!


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