Gossip Girl Fashion Breakdown: Leighton Meester 04/11/2008

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She looks good in anything (and presumably nothing), but we've taken a look at some of Leighton Meester's differing, but terrific recent clothing choices in a Gossip Girl fashion breakdown.

Trading in her sweet dresses for a pair of trendy 7 for flared jeans and pale pink top, the Gossip Girl star looked California cool at a Remember the Daze event earlier this month in Beverly Hills (left).

But she can do luxurious too. Leighton Meester took a fashionable note from her onscreen alter-ego, pairing her luxe Versace dress with a Felix Ray white patent bag for a party in New York (right).

Blue Jean Babe
Long and Lean

Which of Leighton Meester's outfits do you like better?

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I love the blue dress, she looks gorgeous either way though. Sure the jeans and top look bad but its pretty amazing that she can still pull it off cause she still looks great in it.


I like the blue dress. The top and jeans is a fashion don't.


I LOOOOOVE her blue dress... and HATE the jeans.


I think Blair has amazing style - I loved Victor/Victrola and Blair Waldorf Must Pie!, especially.


i like the blue dress but i lvoe her in anything.. she could wear a big old fluffy sweater and make a fashion out of it..


I prefer to the blue dress too...


i like the blue dress too.She is sooo gorgeous!!


i prefer the blue dress
but i luv leightons style she can pull anything off! =]

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