Gossip Girl Look-Alike: Blake Lively, Sarah Roemer

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We've profiled a number of Gossip Girl look-alikes in the past, including the hot Chace Crawford and Zac Efron (and David Cook of American Idol) and Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly. Here's a new one a fan sent in.

On the left, a girl who needs no introduction to fans of Gossip Girl, our own Blake Lively. She's beyond gorgeous - but so is look-alike actress and model Sarah Roemer (right) of Disturbia fame. Check them out ...

Beautiful Blake Lively
Sarah Roemer

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively may not be a dead ringer for actress and model Sarah Roemer, but we certainly can see some resemblance!

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Are you KIDDING ME!? haha she does nottt look like her at all! Blake literally looks JUST like KESHA! yes, the girl who sings tik tok


Blake lively! i jus had to say that u are gorgous!!!! im soo jelous...and my name is blake to!and im a girl haha its rly rare to find another girl with the same name... and i have the same birthmake as u do on the rite side of ur nose! i love gossip girl and sisterhood of the traviling pants! even are last names have the same amount of letters in it! if i could meet any celeb it would be deff you<33333


OMG, just don't look for the picture of Minka Kelly, it's
gross i think she's a porn star, eurk, and she donsen't look
like leighton at all, leighton is cute and grogeous, and Minka
is just...eurk, and David Cook, well i don't see amercian Idol
and I didn0t found a picture of hus face, but Chace is way more
hot than Zac, to bad there's not a look a like for Taylor
Momsen, and Ed Westwick =(
XOXO Can't wait for the 21. You know I love GG


Gossip Girl Quotes

Blair: I've never been Bette Davis before. I'm Audrey Hepburn! Not some plain baby Jane.
Chuck: We both know this is about NYU. Now it may take time, but one day you will hold that school in the palm [kiss] of your dainty hand.
Blair: I'm Audrey. I'm Audrey!

And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

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