Gossip Girl Spoiler: An Overdose

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While we've been fixated on the two biggest Gossip Girl spoilers - who comes out of the closet, and Serena's secret - here's another we came across this morning.

An insider on the set of Gossip Girl reports that someone on the show overdoses in the second-to-the-last episode this season.

That would be the week after next. "All About My Brother" is the next Gossip Girl episode, set for May 5. "Woman On The Verge," scheduled for May 12, is the episode in question.

"Things go down, there's a lot of OMG moments," star Chace Crawford recently revealed on E!'s Daily 10. "It's good."

Six Gossip Girl Hotties

Which of these characters will suffer an overdose on Gossip Girl? Or will it be someone new? Got any ideas? Share them with the Insider!

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i definately think its serena. because think about it she runs
away like the last time and then she sleeps with another guy
and shes probably to drugged up to tell the difference.


I definitely think that it is not one of the main characters. I bet it is who Serena "killed." I think that the whole situation was either staged by Georgina to make Serena believe that she killed someone and didn't but had no idea cuz she was drugged. Who knows!! each week is getting so unpredictable!! 3 more days till the next episode:) OMFG!


i think that it will be the person serena killed and thats how they die


I think its Serena, and i agree after watching the ep it does seem like S was drugged, and after last S's night out with Georgina where she was drugged i wouldn't put it past her.


i think it is going to be georgina because she is crazy


I heard it was Georgina's old drug dealer BF, who is apparently the guy S killed. But I bet she just *thinks* she killed him bc she was so drugged up that she blames herself. I also heard that the whole sex tape thing is because G's BF raped S and S killed him in self-defense. I guess we'll see! Either way, OMFG!!!


definitely serena.
after what happened this past episode (all about my brother)..its sure to be her


i really dont think it's serena.
i think it's gonna be chuck


That would be Jenny because she can't beat the Queen B. And I want her to suffer after all what she has done to Blair and her social climbing schemes.


There's a lot that would have to happen to keep me interested. :/ Honestly, it's kind of going down hill for me. :<

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