Heroes Caption Contest XXVII

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We had a difficult time choosing this week's Heroes Caption Contest winner. There were many humorous responses to the situation depicted below.

But "Sharrah" made us laugh the hardest with her entry, showcasing Mohinder mocking Sylar's lack of ability to produce breakfast. Check it out under the photo now, and then scroll down to read the other submissions.

Thanks to everyone that sent one in. Come back and play every week!


Sylar: I have powers, really!!
Mohinder: Oh, right, I can see the poptart now…

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Sylar: Wait. don't move. I dropped my contact lens in the toaster.
Mohinder: well u cant melt it now can u?


Sylar: Zzzzz...
Mohinder: Zane?


Sylar: Im sure i put my toast in there.
Mohinder: Are you sure it was toast? It could have been a brain.
Sylar Yes i am sure
Mohinder thinking: Damn youve got a fine ass


Sylar: What the frak is this toaster doing Here?
Mohinder: Oh my Gods


Sylar: I have powers, really!!
Mohinder: Oh, right, I can see the poptart now...


When Sylar's poptarts don't come out...bad things happen.


Mohinder: So you can melt household appliances?
Sylar: Yeah.
Mohinder: And that helpful how?
Sylar: ....
Mohinder: Yeah I thought so.
Sylar: Ya' know, I killed your dad.
Mohinder: ....
Sylar: Yeah I thought so.


Sylar: Dammit! If only I had paid the electric bill. We could be neck deep in toaster streudels.
Mohinder: Bet you wish you had that lightning pow...
Sylar: Seriously, I said shut up.


Sylar: Come on toaster... TOAST!
Mohinder: Look seriously, you need to plug it in first
Sylar: Mohinder, i've made toast before.


Sylar: i know that ticklish dough boy is in there some where!


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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