Heroes Caption Contest XXVII

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We had a difficult time choosing this week's Heroes Caption Contest winner. There were many humorous responses to the situation depicted below.

But "Sharrah" made us laugh the hardest with her entry, showcasing Mohinder mocking Sylar's lack of ability to produce breakfast. Check it out under the photo now, and then scroll down to read the other submissions.

Thanks to everyone that sent one in. Come back and play every week!


Sylar: I have powers, really!!
Mohinder: Oh, right, I can see the poptart now…

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Mohinder: (voiceover) There are many ways to define our fragile existence; many ways to give it meaning. But it is our memories that shape its purpose and give it context. The private assortment of images: fears, loves, regrets… for it’s the cruel irony of life that we are destined to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil, success with disappointment… this is what separates us, what makes us human. And in the end, we must fight to hold on to.

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