Heroes Spoilers: A New Narrator?

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Our good friend at TV Guide, Michael Ausiello, recently posted a mysterious response to a question about Heroes Season Three.

Someone may be moving in on Mohinder's narrator turf. Tim Kring is said to be seeking an Australian Aboriginal actor in his fifties to appear in multiple episodes as a storyteller with great wisdom and a soft, soothing voice. 

Do you think something happens to Mohinder? Would you like to see a different narrator for a bit? Write in. Let us know.

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Mohinder probably wont be killed. also i like him as the narrator and the show
just wouldnt feel right without him in that position as far as who gets their head sliced off if its Peter ill stop watching the
show and about 20 or thirty of my friends and family will too. well i doubt
thatll happen though because he can heal from anything now due to absorbing
both claires and adams powers and claire can "walk through a woodchipper and live"


"they should have people like us..*


Mohinder has an important role connecting all the other heroes. Not all of them have to be heroes. They should have like us ,without powers, and he has an instersting quality too, being pretty;)


No way. Mohinder needs to stick around. His dad started the whole thing, Mohinder needs to finish it. It just wouldn't be a good "break-out-of-the-father's-shadow" story unless he could find a way to slice and dice on Sylar. Besides, a greater threat exists in Adam. Sylar is a punk and people love to hate him, but Adam is the anti-politician - always getting his way.
Mohinder needs to stick around. He'd be a great neutral character to tie the binds between the evil and the good.


if they find a cure for that virus mohinders role is basically useless cause if they wanted to find more heroes the would just get molly to help


Mohinder is still a great presence and interesting character.
There are a bajillion ways the writers can keep him relevant.
He doesn't have any powers that we (or him) know of, and yet
he still managed to be a central figure in many story arcs.
If they do kill him off, it needs to be as a finale somehow
and Sylar should be the one to do it. Although, I would love
to see the opposite happen. Reminiscent of him drugging
him with the laced chai. He was a badass for a brief moment


Seriously, I like Mohinder too, but unless there is some new virus or Molly Walker gets wacked, there isn't much left to Mohinder's role. Season 1 was all about finding "Gifted People", Season 2 was all about helping those with the "Virus" -- Those two plot lines have played themselves out. Unless he starts experimenting on the Heroes, al la Mr Sinister, there isn't much left for him to do.


Sendhil does a brilliant job playing Dr. Suresh, who is a very
important piece in this amazing puzzle. If you know what is
good for the show, please do not write him off. He helped
make it what it is....


Mohinder is doing a great job in this role and I think it would be a terrible movve to put hi elsewhere


Paul Hogan?

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