Patrick Dempsey: The Fragrance

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Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey - who is already the face of Versace's spring and summer men's clothing lines - suited up and looked terrific in Beverly Hills on Monday, announcing that he will be creating a new Avon fragrance for men!


Devoted Patrick Dempsey fans may remember that his wife, Jillian Dempsey, is a celebrity stylist and makeup artist who serves as a consultant for Avon brands.

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o god i dont think youcan get better than mcdreamy...who wouldnt want to smell like patrick dempsey if i was a guy i would buy it right away


Man he is lookin FINE!!! I know it's a mens fragrance but i'll buy it, even if i'm the one who has to wear it, guess I could give it to my Dad.


his wife don't need him for her work ! She is a very successful business woman. She was already at the top before he is one " A - list actor "...


in my opinion she uses his fame to advertize her work. i simply don't like her. to me that all seems really really fake; this is not a dempeo or not dempeo issue, to me she is a profiteer. but this is just my point of view...


This is awsome! I absolutely love McDreamy and I am definately buying this fragrance for my boyfriend as soon as it comes out!!


damn i bet it is going to smell good. I will buy it for my man..... :)


Em AVON Seriously?


my god can that man get any sexier? i love him so much........... cant wait for greys to return.


working with his wife .. wow their marriage is stronger than ever , Lucky couple !
The Dempeo falls at the lowest ... HA HA HA


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