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Pretty in Plaid, Ellen Pompeo Smiles

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Back in town after her funny appearance on the Late Show, Ellen Pompeo stopped off at her local Starbucks for her morning coffee in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The 38-year-old Grey's Anatomy star was dressed casually in a plaid shirt, jeans, Ray Ban sunglasses - as well as the beautiful smile we love Ellen Pompeo for!

She makes the outfit work, doesn't she?

Pompeo Pretty in Plaid

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does anyone know where i could buy a shirt like this??


She is brilliant my dream is to be her!


Probably the only person I can think of that can actually pull off wearing plaid.


absolutely lovely as always!


i love u ellen!!!! ur absolutley stunning as always and an amzing actress i love u!!!!


I love her<3333333333


I just love her ELLEN whatever she wear she always look beautiful & lovely!


She's so cute, and I love seeing her out, but I feel bad she has to get her picture taken everytime she leaves her house- that has to get annoying after a while!


love ellen pompeo...she's gorgeous ! she always looks great..either shes wearing formal attire or casual...thats ellen pompeo !


She sure does.
she looks great.
great pictures. love love her smile :)

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