Pushing Daisies Spoiler: Which Character is Gay?

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Pushing Daisies creator Simon Fuller has told AfterElton.com that a character on the show is gay. Don't read anymore if you wish to be surprised....


"It's the coroner," Fuller said, referring to the character played by Sy Richardson. "We were going to slowly expand his character and kind of reveal that he has a little crush on Emerson."

Pushing Daisies Spoiler: Which Character is Gay?

"I didn't want to just do another, like, pretty gay person," Fuller added. "I thought it would be interesting to have an older character be gay."

We think he's right. Do you?

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Wow, I am shocked by the bigotry too. The creator, Bryan Fuller, is openly and proudly gay, as am I. It's his show and he can do what he wants with it. If you don't like it, go take your ignorant asses somewhere else and watch Jerry Springer or something else more suited to your intellectual level.


Wow, the comments here shock me. I can't believe even for Pushing Daisies blog comments can still be Homophobic like this, wow...Do you Bigots understand the show is by a Gay creator and has a very Gay sensibility?


I've told all my friends how unique this show is, and how it is different than anything else on TV...Guess not. Everyone has to have that "gay" character that slowly though the season "comes out". Can't we choose a new plot? I thought the writers for pushing daisies were a little more creative than that.


Does anyone feel like the world is run by the gay population? They always have to be put into every show and into every situation and everything is made to accommodate them. Has anyone realized that the population of Gays in the world is like .001% Why on earth do we cater to them? Don't make the coroner gay. Stop conforming to the minority population.


Cool! Realism always makes any show a little more believable. Since this show is so often compared with Wonderfalls, which had a major gay (well, lesbian) character, it's great that it follows suit, even if it's a minor character.


why do you have to put faggots in every damn show on tv like its normal when all acuallity most people are offended by it.


HELLO. the CREATOR of this show's name is BRYAN fuller. not SIMON fuller of American idol! For a PD fansite I cant believe you don't even have your BASIC facts straight!


NOOO!! No gays is the seriee... this serie is special and different.. all the shows have gays now in their characters!... Please don't do it..


Just when I thought that this show was different, they have to pull out the proverbial homosexual role.