Rock the Cradle Debuts Tonight!

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Rock the Cradle turns American Idol on its head.

While the latter show takes unknown singers and makes them famous, the former takes the offspring of those already well-known and puts them in the spotlight. Like Landon Brown, son of Bobby Brown.

Each week, the singers will rehearse songs (including a parent's hit), perform live before a studio audience, hear from judges and await a viewer vote to win $100,000, a record contract and a Vegas gig.

Rock the Cradle Cast

Rock the Cradle premieres tonight on MTV at 10 p.m.

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I am actually working with MTV to promote the show. Too be honest, I was pretty unfamiliar with most of the contestants until recently, but after listening to the music and doing some research on their backgrounds, I think there is a great pool of talent. They all seem to be accomplished singers and most of them have professional experience. What do you think of the contestants and do you think any of them have a leg up on the competition.