Chace Crawford and Rumer Willis?

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That's the word on the street - and in New York Magazine. Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl and actress Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) have been seen out multiple times. Are they dating? We're not sure, but we're curious what you think of this couple ...

Chace Crawford, Rumer Willis

Does Chace Crawford have eyes for Rumer Willis?

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Please no!! Shes hideous!! I am in love with chace, let him fall for me..


Wow. You guys are mean.


i dont wanna be hatin, but i cant believe thats demi´s kid...she butt ugly!!
If they are an item, then thats great, best of luck!
I hope not...he is waaaaaaay to hot for her!!
go back to Carrie!


No Way! Chance is way too hot for that ugly butt-face brat! Chance could do better with his eyes closed! That stupid girl needs to go back to her doghouse! LOL!


i do hope not!! chace is the best guy in the world.. she isn't goog enough 4 him.. im made 4 him..xoxo lm


I DOnt Want To be hating But Eww...
If They Really Are Dating OKAY I'm Happy For Them But,
WOOOWW Dont Let It be True


Maybe he's using Rumer to meat Bruce;>}


she's too ugly for him


She's ugly and fat!! They better not get together!
He should be with Leighton Meester.


Eww yuck! rumors ugly honestly eww


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