Discuss "Woman On the Verge" in Our Forum!

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A week after the best episode ever, Gossip Girl returns with its fourth new episode since the writers' strike, the last before the season finale, and 17th overall this season, "Woman On the Verge."

After revealing why she left town, Serena van der Woodsen now confides in Blair, Chuck and Nate with more details. But she still can't bring herself to tell Dan. As for the evil Georgina, well, who knows.

Elsewhere, Dan's father, Rufus, is pumped up to play at a big concert sponsored by Rolling Stone, but his mind is on Lily, and vice versa.

What do you think will (or want to) happen tonight? Discuss the episode with Gossip Girl fans in our exclusive forum!

Discuss "Woman On the Verge" in Our Forum!

The Gossip Girl Insider staff members are already busy compiling spoilers, videos and photos from what will surely be another great episode.

We will have a thorough recap (along with quotes, a music guide and our staff's Round Table discussion) up after the program. Enjoy!

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Is that necessary to make Serena and Dan broke up??
ugh.. I totally lose interest in this show..


This episode was crap. The whole episode focused aroud pushing a stupid plot at the expense of the characters. Even Nate, Blair and Chuck commented on the absurdity of the situation, asking each other 'Aren't we all enemies'? Why introduce Georgina? Why dispense with Blair as the primary antagonist so quickly? This and the last 'gay' episode are making me lose interest in this show.


I think Chace.. errr, I mean Nate and Blair are totally
meant to be together. I mean, Nate told Blair that he loved
her. You don't just stop loving someone just like that.
I really think it's unfair that he's mad at her,
because they were broken up when she slept with
Chuck while he was her boyfriend when he slept with
S! Does anybody else think V and N make absolutely no sense
together? lol They're cool as friends, but no chemistry
as a couple.


I hate Georgina, like if dan is such a good guy then why can't
he see through her, but i mean seriously when Serena or whoever
confronts dan about who she really is, i hope she goes
down big time, do you think Dan and Serena will get back
together next episode? because Nate or someone or chuck or
something will tell Dan, i like how they all took care of
Serena in time of need i think that was really cool,
as much as i really want BLair and Nate to get together
i think they will but not for ages, but notice how happy Nate
is, i can;t wait for the next episode!


the song playing when Serena tells Blair she
killed someone is called URA Fever by the kills


i hate georgina..i realy do! she is soo... ehhhhh... i can`t even say.


i'm so hoping that nate and blair will end up together..
again. :D


she didnt really kill anyone. the guy just took drugs which eventually killed him.
this is so not her fault.


what was the name of the last song played... it didn't have any lyrics but the beat was awesome.