Fatima Siad: Whitney Thompson Not Worthy of America's Next Top Model Title

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Fatima Siad doesn't think Whitney Thompson deserved to win the tenth cycle of America's Next Top Model. And she's not shy about saying so.

"When [Claire Unabia] and [Lauren Utter] and [Katarzyna Dolinska] got kicked off, I was just like this whole thing is a joke," Siad told reporters during a conference call yesterday.  "They look like models.  If this supposed to be a modeling competition, one of them should have won or [Anya Kop] should have won.  But it goes to show you that it might be about politics."

Whitney Thompson Photo

Would you consider Whitney Thompson to be a plus-sized model?

Siad reached that conclusion because Thompson is considered the first-ever full-figured woman to win the show's crown,

"Whitney took great pictures and she definitely knows how to conduct herself - she's very outspoken and she speaks really well," said Siad. "I think that's why she won over Anya, otherwise I wanted Anya to win.  Anya has that high-fashion look and she really knows how to model.  But she lacks the confidence and speech skills that Whitney has."

Moreover, Siad doesn't even think Thompson should be considered plus-sized.

"I feel like she doesn't look like a plus-size model, and therefore it's sending the wrong message because there are women who are actually full-figured and they see her and say, 'Wow, if she's a plus-size model than what am I?'" Siad said.

"But honestly I think it's about time if that's what it takes to change the face of fashion, than that's a tiny step.  Hopefully, we will have another woman who represents a larger portion of American plus-size models."

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I don't think she deserved to win. Even though I didn't like Fatima I actuakky agree with her. Whitney was 178 cm and 75 kg or something and that is normal for many people. For the modeling business it may be big, but I feel bad for those who IS big after norman measurements and see that she is called plus-sized. I hoped that Anya should in, she had great pictures, looked high fashion and as someone else mentioned: her dress was more diggicult to walk in. Whitney's picture was okay, but not great after my opinion and she was so childish... On top of that she acted like a bitch and every time she talked she sounded like a teenage drama bitch. Usually I don't talk about people like this, but I can't stand her.. DISAPPOINTING


It is obvious that Whitney is very angry & jealous! She is prejudice & childish through her name calling typical models as "tooth picks" stating "I don't have to starve, I don't have plastic surgery. I have breasts,hips and a butt & I'm proud of it!" WTF??? Not all thin people are shapeless & MOST overweight people's parts spill over & out, unable to define what is a hip or a breast even is! Whitney was in the bottom 2 everytime & Anja mostly in the first 2. WHITNEY DID NOT DESERVE TO WIN! Plus Anja had the most diff. gowns to walk. Guaranteed Whitney would have failed miserably plus, there wasn't enough fabric to fit around her. Whitney


When wasn't hippo whitney, in the bottom two? Her remark about "showing the world that models actually eat regularly" was a loud & clear assessment of her mental state and that she is infact, insecure. The majority of people in the US are not only overweight but obese. I do not think whitney was a good role model due to her weight, negative behavior, fighting, and disingenuous personality.


This show is a joke but I like to learn some of the little "tricks" that aren't blown out of porportion or exaggerated like that fake Tyra knows how. Who is Fatima to talk? she was a crappy and boring model who had nothing to offer beyond beauty. No personality, no brains, no ideas, no improvement, etc, Claire looked very old, hard and uninspiring! Lauren and the two other brunettes katamarna (whatever) and among the last to leave were both really pretty. Stacy Ann is really ugly and not modelesque at all.


Of course I agree w/ Fatima (although she was around for way too long, herself! Whitney claims "discrimination" but she is trying to work on the runway. That is like a thin model trying to walk the runway for Plus size Womans World. How stupid do you have to be to apply for a Physicians position when you are not a qualified, licensed Doctor? NOT DISCRIMINITION WHITNEY, JUST THE WRONG FEILD!


LJRh8C hi! hooli?


as i was saying, Anya had the most first call outs, how is she not confident? how does she lack speech skills? i thought she was the most outgoing person there... and Claire, the breastmilk thing was funny...she got kicked off because she had two bad photoshoots...and Whit had a million...wooooow...


I agree with Fatima, and I don't agree with Fatima... Yes, it's about politics, they had most of the races as their winners, they had a short person who's under the required height, they had a person with bad self-esteem, now it's time to have a plus sized model...I really hated it when Whitney kept going like "Oh my god! It's okay to be fat!" Personally, I didn't get why she won other than the fact that she's plus sized...she's been in the bottom two forever, while Anya, had most of the first call-ou


I´m a plus size model, and it was about damn time thata whitney won the show, i mean i know how hard it is to be plus size , fatima is justa a stu´pid bitch who goes around thinking that she can be over everyone just cause have been female castrated, i mean shut teh heck up fatima u shouldnt even be on the show no one like u and ur so full of S"##$ so shut up because u dont know how a plus size model feels or thinks
and u just signed up whit new york model management
so let whitney make her path in fashion industry and u make yours, stop bringing whitney just cause u need to be on the media stupid bitch


I agree with Fatima. Fatima may have been a pessimist on the show, but Whitney certainly wasn't any better at being an optimist. Whitney kept praising herself for being bigger and made fun of the "Skinny" girls constantly during the show - and the way she did it wasn't very pleasant at all - Whitney had thorns in her words. One word for Tyra: DISCRIMINATION! Whitney isn't a deserving winner.