Fatima Siad: Whitney Thompson Not Worthy of America's Next Top Model Title

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Fatima Siad doesn't think Whitney Thompson deserved to win the tenth cycle of America's Next Top Model. And she's not shy about saying so.

"When [Claire Unabia] and [Lauren Utter] and [Katarzyna Dolinska] got kicked off, I was just like this whole thing is a joke," Siad told reporters during a conference call yesterday.  "They look like models.  If this supposed to be a modeling competition, one of them should have won or [Anya Kop] should have won.  But it goes to show you that it might be about politics."

Whitney Thompson Photo

Would you consider Whitney Thompson to be a plus-sized model?

Siad reached that conclusion because Thompson is considered the first-ever full-figured woman to win the show's crown,

"Whitney took great pictures and she definitely knows how to conduct herself - she's very outspoken and she speaks really well," said Siad. "I think that's why she won over Anya, otherwise I wanted Anya to win.  Anya has that high-fashion look and she really knows how to model.  But she lacks the confidence and speech skills that Whitney has."

Moreover, Siad doesn't even think Thompson should be considered plus-sized.

"I feel like she doesn't look like a plus-size model, and therefore it's sending the wrong message because there are women who are actually full-figured and they see her and say, 'Wow, if she's a plus-size model than what am I?'" Siad said.

"But honestly I think it's about time if that's what it takes to change the face of fashion, than that's a tiny step.  Hopefully, we will have another woman who represents a larger portion of American plus-size models."

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Fatima stated in another interview that she almost quit so Stacy-Ann could stay and continue, but she didn't because the producers had already gone through all that trouble to get her legal documents. Fatima, to me, is a good example of not a role model, but a person. Yes, she was negative and bitchy sometimes, but so was Jenah. I don't think she should be held responsible to spew out rainbows just because she went through a horrible process. And Whitney can't bitch and moan about Claire and Anya all cycle long and then drag out insecurities after finding out she won. I'm not saying I hate Whitney, and I honestly was fine with her, (not hating or loving her), all cycle but she should have left when she was in B2 w/ Kat. Long-story short, I feel that Fatima is absolutely correct and that she, while not a good role model, is a real person who, like all of us, makes snarky comments about people she is forced to be with. Whitney, however happy she may be that she won, has to at least realize that she probably only won the competition because the producers HAD to have a plussie win at one point or another and when they realized that girls like Toccara and Diane, who had both been plus-queens, had gotten cut far too early, they had to choose Whitney, almost by default. And also, Paulina, I loved her, but unfortunately that "dumb" comment in addition to the cycle-long disagreements with Tyra has sealed her fate as out of the picture. I wish they would have cast that Jennifer plus-girl and made her the winner, just because I liked her a hella've a lot better than Whitney. Overall, I think about this cycle like I think of Kimberly: So much potential, but the end result was awful.


I don't see Fatima complaining when Stacy Ann got send packing instead of her when obviously she was in a disadvantage situation. There definitely was some favoritism there.Though I agree that the whole thing was just a joke. I love the fact that a plus-size model won, but I won't consider Whitney a plus-size. A size 10 is barely reaching a plus-size! But while Whitney isn't a very good role model, I wouldn't consider Fatima one either. Both of them are bitchy and there were many others who would be a better role model than them. However sometimes it is good for who didn't win. Most of the time they have better opportunities coming their way rather than that one year of fame. They have the looks they have the talent they have the profile ... they don't need to win to make it big.


Personally, I feel that Fatima is absolutely correct and that it is disappointing that in favor of models like Whitney and Dominique, models like Katarzyna, Claire, Lauren, Aimee, even Stacy Ann were sent packing. It disappoints me further that Cycle 10 had all the goods, past seasons have had a meh group of girls but have had a better turnout, such as Cycle 6 and Cycle 7, but Cycle 10 had girls that at the very least could have beaten last cycle's girls but instead of trying to make nice with fashion, and let Katarzyna or Anya win, they chose to basically f--k over all they'd built up and choose the 1 girl that would not make a high fashion model. This season was SO supposed to be the "high fashion, edgy, new attitude" season but they (the judges/producers), shot themselves in the foot because they had the chance to actually pick the right, high fashion girl, not even the most high fashion out of the bunch but an actual high fashion girl and they just reaffirmed that the show is a joke as Whitney is neither a. A great model period, much less a girl who can fight for oppurtunities like plus-sized girls have to or b. A role model, that crap she brewed up when she won is just that in my book, crap, she was mean, condescending and boring during the season and I'm pretty sure every preteen girl I know was rooting for Anya and was just mad that Whitney one, because Tyra/Ken, we're not stupid, we know who can actually model, so if a bitchy high fashion girl won over a perfectly nice but overall blah plus-girl we could understand.


I completely agree with Fatima that this show has been a joke since Cycle 9. After Saleisha won (or was even allowed to compete, having modeled before in cycle 6 as a runway girl, in a Wendy's commercial, and in an episode of Ugly Betty, and also went to Tyra's T-Zone camp), this show went completely downhill. Tyra is overlooking the real modeling potential of these girls and is only focusing on girls that can look retardedly happy all the time and be a spokesperson and represent the ANTM franchise.


Fatima is right! this is America's next top model not America's next top spokesperson. This is why America never had a successful winner, one year out and then we never hear from them again. Watch Australia's next top model, they're last winner is the most successful winner, modeling for Dolce, Gucci, and Valentino. They pick girls realistically. My prediction for Whitney is by the next season she'll lose 50 pounds before her contract is over hoping she'll get renewed.


Chicago Chica:
what the f@%k is in yo head ho. Shut the f@%k up son.


Chicago Chica, If you think that any plus size model will achieve the success that a size 0 model has achievedsuch as Snejana or Chanel Iman, you need to be disillusioned. As of now people need to stop kidding themselves about that positive message (that you don't have to be a size 0 to be a model). If you're not a size 0 or a size 2 you're just not gonna be successful as a model.


Fatima was a negative person on the show, and her comments reflect that she has not changed. While I don't agree that Whitney should have won (there were other models who had the look), her winning sends a positive message that you don't have to be a size 0 to be a model.