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Welcome, Grey's Anatomy followers, to the 106th week of our Monday morning tradition, the Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest.

This week's winner is seriouslyJulia. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below the photo, with the full list of entries down the page.

Thanks to all of you for playing our Grey's Anatomy caption contest and good luck again this week! We can't wait for the season finale!

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Clinical Trial Style

Meredith [thinking]: "He's with Rose, he's with Rose, he's with Rose,…"
Derek [thinking]: "I'm with Rose, I'm with Rose, I'm with Rose… wait! But seriously why I'm still with Rose??!!!"

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Meredith: What is that?
Derek: It's the tumor.
Meredith: No that, I think it's a fly
Derek" Whoa, it is!


Derek: Shonda's making me sleep with Rose now. Meredith: I'm sorry. Derek: And she insisted on there being a video camera... and now it's playing on this TV. Meredith: Way to kick me when I'm down, Derek. Derek: Hey, blame Shonda, not me. My two million dollar hands are clean.


Mer: this is crazy!! Derek: what, this being the only place with cable tv. Being a neurosurgeon has its perks you know!


Derek: do you think we should tell Shonda?? Mer: well we cant not can we. i mean the House finale just looks so good!


(the following said in heads) mer: say something...this isn't wierd....we're say something.friends,friends,we can be that..... der: your here to work.not to with rose now.i dont need meredith.i waited.i tried.i wasn' the one to giv up..........I TRIED. (SPOKEN) mer: soo.... der: (snaps) i waited. mer: what? der: i waited. u didnt even try, and.....i waited. mer: im sorry, i tried but........your with rose now. der: right mer: do you love her. der: i dont know. i want to....but. mer: but? der: uh...i hav to go, page me when you need me. mer: derek. der: (stops at door) im with rose now.


meredith: this guy has a huge brain tumor ( it's just dark enough for me to see your dreamy reflection. Hey he's looking at me in the tumor too.Now I can't break eye contact.)


Derek: Is that porn?
Meredith: No that's us in the exam room last year.
Derek: That looks painful
Meredith: Trust me it was.


Meredith: [whispering to Derek] how much longer do we have to hold this pose?


Meredith: Tongue. Tongue. Tongue. Tongue. NO MEREDITH! Look at the X-RAY!
Derek: Are you okay?
Meredith: Yeah, of course. Tongue. Tongue. Tongue.


derek: so that's who you have slept with in this hospital. OMG meredith your'e a total whore meredith:HEy! i didn't even list all of them on there! B4 you go calling me a whore again take a long look at your best friends list. I'm practically the only person not on that list

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