Grey's Anatomy Music From Season Finale

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As expected, "Freedom" delivered last night, bringing the Grey's Anatomy world together like never before. Playing a huge part was the terrific Grey's Anatomy music.

Here's a list of music played last night. Click on the song title for lyrics (when available). If you know of any missing songs or can help us with any of the missing lyrics please leave a comment and assist us! We are grateful!

-- Coldplay, "Death To All His Friends"
Meredith and Derek express frustration with their trials. Derek, Richard and Mark overlook the city from Derek's land.

-- Duffy, "Mercy"
Dr. Bailey is trying to see the "bigger picture." Callie and Mark have sex in the on-call room as they talk dirty about Hahn.

-- The Rosewood Thieves, "Heavy Eyes"
Richard has a talk with Meredith. Dr. Wyatt and Mer have a breakthrough. Derek and Meredith agree to move up Jeremy and Beth's surgeries.

-- Priscilla Ahn, "Dream"
Alex helps Rebecca in the shower. Jeremy undresses and kisses Beth. Derek and Meredith discuss sex. Meredith distracts Beth's parents.

Patience with Patients

-- Ingrid Michaelson, "Giving Up"
Alex rushes to Rebecca's aid. Derek calls time of death for Jeremy. Derek and Meredith enter Beth's room to tell her the news. Derek throws away the champagne.

-- Jon Foreman, "The Cure For Pain"
Meredith tells Dr. Wyatt that Ellis told her to be extraordinary. George is mad at Lexie for telling him about the intern test. Izzie tries to talk sense into Alex.

-- Adele, "Hometown Glory"
Andrew begins to crash. Derek has an awkward talk with Rose. Cristina begins a surgery. Richard sticks up for Cristina to Erica.

-- Bryn Christopher, "Quest"
Derek looks for Meredith. Richard shows up to talk to Adele. There is a montage of all sorts of Grey's Anatomy characters kissing.

-- Ida Maria, "Keep Me Warm"
Derek finds Meredith outside the trailer.

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Please anyone knows grey's anatomy songs lyrics season five all lyrica would be very helpful is my eamil


I'm trying to figure out what song that was playing at the very end of the last episode on the Feb. 19th. It sounded alot like Snow Patrol but I never could make out the lyrics. Anyone know?


Hi there I agree about the good songs they apply to this serie, but there is a piano intro during multiple scenes in the last episode. The cement boy getting kissed by his girl, Dr. Bailies talking to Izzy about being a fine doctor she is etc. Also during Lexy Grey talking to Alex in the elevator .... someone know's the composer? Or is that just simple undoable? Thank you in advance.


grey's anatomy always has the best songs, and this season finale was no exception. i especially love hometown glory and quest. :]


Interesting - both Adele and Bryn Christopher sound a little like Amy Winehouse.....guess it wasn't Amy after all.


Love this song the quest by Bryn Christopher
and Ida Maria


Answering Sarah..Hometown Glory by Adele. Amazing song.


This comment is to Erica..I think the song you are referring to is at the end of the show when they are going through their montage of "kissing" It's Quest by Bryn Christopher..sounds alot like Amy


there is definitely an Amy Winehouse song played in the season finale yesterday, does anyone know the name, it's driving me crazy!! Thanks!


can anyone please tell me which song was playing while they are about to start the trial brain surgery on the girl


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