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Grey's Anatomy Season Finale: Sneak Previews

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Below, you will see a sneak peak from Thursday's two-hour Season 4 finale, "Freedom." Cristina Yang is unusually cheerful - and there's a reason for it. George, meanwhile, is reveling in his role as the Chief's intern, while Izzie stresses about Alex and Rebecca ...


Looks like a terrific Grey's Anatomy season-ender. Follow the jump for another "Freedom" clip, in which Callie and Mark flirt, Cristina and Izzie argue over the sparkle pager, Bailey thinks they're all weird, and there's also a really... big... trauma ...


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meredith is not pregnant. rose is the one that is pregnant. just watch this promo and there might be a chance that meredith and derek might be getting married. and i think alex and cristina is going to be REALLY hurt in season 5.


the young woman they operated on was Jurnee Somett..she didn't play on the Cosby's she played on Full House as a kid and also most recently the Great Debaters...


The song is called the quest by Bryn Christopher.


I'm with Martha, who sang that song? I kinda liked the one right after it also...I didn't see any credits either....Thanks!


Can someone please tell me who was singing the song with the words "what I'm gonna live for...what I'm gonna die for." It was playing towards the end of the show. I loved it, but didn't see it credited anywhere.


wait for me meredith! thats the finale & by the look on mers face she will be waiting along time or something bad is going to happen to der.


yes, I think she was on the cosby show. one of rudy's friend's. I so can see that face, but don't know her name. Do they run credits after the show????


Does anyone know who the girl was in the finale that MerDer operated on. I think she was on the Cosby show as a kid. Please settle this little trivia for me.


Who is that girl with the tumor ... the new clinical trial ... who's the actress?


Ahaha dude, you need to CHILL man. It's only a show and these people are only stating out their opinion. No need the harsh word. And yes, I totally agree with Meredith and Derek getting back together and this might sound pathetic, but somehow they give me hope. Haha.