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Season Four ended just one week ago, but speculation has already turned to Season Five (can you believe it) of Grey's Anatomy next fall.

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has some gossip about the length of next season as well as a big Grey's Anatomy spoiler involving a character who shared in one of last Thursday's major kisses - and may be in for a surprise.

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Question: Now that the Grey's finale has aired, can you tell us which kiss was the "major" one that Shonda Rhimes was talking about?
Ausiello: Based on her morning-after post-mortem, I think she was referring to Mer-Der's big smooch. Personally, the Alex-Izzie kiss was the only one that made me "lean into the TV."

Question: I just watched an interview with Patrick Dempsey where he mentions that Season Five of Grey's Anatomy will be 30-34 episodes long. Any scoop on that?
Ausiello: Really? He said that? My sources are telling me it'll be closer to 24 episodes.

Question: Got any Grey's Anatomy scoop?
Ausiello: I hear someone may be preggers â€" and that someone shared a red-hot smooch in the finale!

Who do you think it is? The two people shown below? Tell us your thoughts on this potentially huge Grey's Anatomy Season Five spoiler!

Torres and Sloan

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Maybe it is Izzie that is pregnant? But does it have to be the person she shares the finale kiss withs baby? Maybe she will already be pegnant from George? they were "together" not that long ago, right?


for ShondaX
i can't see Bailey being pregnant, she has already had that storyline, surely they wudnt repeat it... but i guess we have to expect the unexpected so it cud b...


I definitly know that's Bailey who's pregnant, with a child which isn't the child of her husband!!!


there r 2 main possibilities that stick out of who will end up pregnant...
It cud b Callie or Lexie.
i only say Lexie cause she slept with Alex a while back but that wud be repeating the storyline a bit...
As for Callie, she is probably the most logical choice but i think it wud come between the whole Callie Erica relationship... It wud make it interesting but it cud spoil it!
Callie looked flustered before the trauma case cause she had just finished havin sex with Sloan!!! & the dirty talk & hormones were raging. At that point if Callie knew she was pregnant i dont think she wud have kissed Erica. Its takin the last few episodes for Callie to realise she has strong feelings for Erica & i cant c Shonda ruining that just yet...
Shonda on the other hand may decide to not choose the most logical person but the most unexpected person to end up pregnant!!! so really it cud be anyone of the 5 girls!


yes yes yes, lexi! i agree. seeign as though her and george did share a kiss. and shonda did say that the mum-to-be is someone that shared a kiss in the final episode.


i think its lexie...everyone else is too obvious


although i would like Meredith to br pregnant i would like to see a wedding between her and Derek first so it will probly br Callie THANK GOODNESS FOR GREYS I LOVE IT cant wait for season 5


i loved the season finale. and the kisses were great! i love the candle-thingy of meredith, its kinda sweet. in general, the season is great. and also, i agree that after the writers' strike, the story of grey's anatomy was more interesting than the first part of the season. for the next season, im happy that it would be 24 eps long.. coz i was shocked that season 4 only lasted for 16 episodes.. and im looking forward for the izzie and alex team up. other than meredith and derek love story, im fascinated with izzie and alex's. id still think theyre good together. :) and as for the pregnancy thing, i think it would be izzie. :) i dont think therell be mcbabies.. not sure, tho. lookin forward for season 5. hope itll be as great as the previous seasons. :)


omg, season 4 final was perfect! meredith's display with the candels was so beautiful and she finally took a leap in their relationship. in regards to who is pregenent, my money is on callie, as it would make a very interesting story line and touch on issues that the show has yet to demostrate in depth.
izzy would make the best mum, but i dont think her and alex would have had sex in the final ep. but a Mcbaby would be so wonderful, after all she did say she was all healed now and in her blue print in candels of the house she did make a room were 'our' children will play.


OMG, this season has been the best. I know GA lost quite a lot of viewers, but especially the last episodes made up for sooo much (with that I mean the (NO!) Mer/Der of it all).
I think a McBaby will be way too soon. I know Ga can go from nothing to everything in 0.3 seconds, but I don't think it is Meredith.
I don't think it is Izzie as well.
My gut tells me it is Callie, who has been doing a lot of mcnasty with mcsteamy.
But as said before - it is not said that someone is preggers in the beginning of season 5, so... on the other hand - it could be anyone of the kissers.
Except for the guys. Lol.

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