Penn Badgley & Blake Lively: Romance in N.Y.C.

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Gossip Girl costars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are not shooting a scene for their hit show in the photo below. It's just them, dating in real life, and going more public with their relationship!

Below, the couple holds hands and takes a romantic stroll through downtown New York City on Monday, Memorial Day.

They are so cute, we can hardly stand it ...

A Blively Day For a Walk

Follow the jump for two more photos of Gossip Girl's sizzling real-life couple, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley ...

Blake, Penn
New York Couple

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Serena doesn't look here best there. Oh and Aubrey's right. They
probably won't last, like other cute couples in holly-
wood, but lets live in the here and now, where they are
together. They're a good couple-Leighton and Chace look
better-but they still look awesome.


R u serious? omg they make the best
couple in show and real life... i wish me
n my bf looked the same..
good luck u guys!
BEST COUPLE EVER!! ps: best show ever!! xoxo


just like lily said :
"when i was in your age ,i m lucky to find a guy like you!"
you belong with my daughter


they look cute together!though i think tht they're arent exactly dressed to kill but still they lookcute. lol...who are we to say if they're gonna last or not,right? come one give them a break will ya!


ppsshhttt bull crap!! they r prob angry coz of the paps. how on earth do you friggen know if the wont last!! they are soo cute! and i hope they are happy 2gether 4eva <3


Ewww. They look unclean and messy there, plus, they
look bored; like they wanted to be somewhere else at
that time but couldn't. They will NOT last.


I like Dan and Serena on the show. And I love the fact that they are dating in real life. They are so cute together.


they make a gorgeous couple! they would have beautiful looking babies! hehe


i like Serena and Nate together in show, but when we talk
about real life i like that Penn and Blake are together..


i still like blake and chace...they look beta 2gether...and peen seems like he's not rly enjoyin offence


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