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The inaugural Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest yielded an even 100 replies, so we're guessing you enjoyed it. We'll make it a regular thing.

Now let's take a look at who won ...

You made it very hard to pick a winner with so many good submissions. Honorable mention goes to Gossip is my LIFE, but the winner this week is hellosunshine. Congratulations!

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Dan and Blair Think

Dan: (on phone) Hey Chuck, we need your help. Yes, Blair's here. No, I'm not telling you what she's wearing! Just be at Blair's in 10 minutes!

Dan: What do you see in that man?

Blair: He's Chuck Bass, duh.

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Blair: (thinking) WTF are u staring at Dan???????


Blair: Come on Dan it cant be that hard to think of words for a poem about Whoregina. Dan: I got it! ok here is goes.
whorgina you smell like a orange...... um wait what ryhms with orange? Blair: Um i dont think anything ryhms with orange


Dan: (on the phone) Um Hi Whoregena, wait um i mean Georgina or Sara who ever you are its Dan Meet me at the park in 10 min. I dumpt Serena and i want you REALLY bad. Blair: Humphry is that all you got? Queen B and Lonely boy spotted togeather? Wow thats odd.


looks like blair has a new ally. but can lonely boy handle the pressure?


D- I need help getting back at Georgina.
B- you mean Whore-gina.
D- Ya. whatever. can you help me or not?
B- Oh Dan. You have soooo much to learn. Of course
i can help. In fact, I already have a plan.


Blair:(thinking) I swear if he hangs up one more time 2 seconds after dialing that number I'm going to kill him! Dan: (thinking) Alright Humphrey, this is it. Don't hang up or Blair will blast you with her laser cannons she calls eyes! Just dial the number and listen to the ringing then...
(Bleeping noise heard as phone batteries die)
Gossip Girl: Spotted. Lonely Boy and B plotting foolproof revenge. Too bad nerves of steel and everlasting phone batteries weren't on the list of supplies. Better luck next time Queen B.


blair to dan: I could use your ear wax as a substitute floor wax!


Lonely Boy, trust Queen B this time!


Everyone knows Blair can lie her little way out of anything, but guess who she's taking with her for the joyride now..


Blair: I'll walk you through this, actually called...GEORGINA Dan: **SILENCE FOR A MINUET OR TWO** But...Why would she lie to me? Blair: 'cos she's an evil maniplative whore who sold her showpony for cokecain[sp] Dan: But she's so pretty... Blair:....

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